Enterprise-grade Valkey for easy deployment and operability

Tanzu for Valkey enables developers to provision enterprise-grade Valkey databases by creating instances of the service plans using Apps Manager or the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI).

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What is Valkey?

Valkey is an open source (BSD) high-performance key/value datastore that supports a variety of workloads such as caching and message queues and can act as a primary database. Valkey can run as either a standalone daemon or in a cluster, with options for replication and high availability.

Why Tanzu for Valkey?

Valkey excellence unleashed

Tanzu for Valkey empowers businesses to harness the full potential of Valkey, leveraging its speed, versatility and scalability. From caching to real-time analytics, unlock the goodness of Valkey with VMware Tanzu's comprehensive solution suite.

Flexible deployment, your way

Deploy with unparalleled flexibility across a multi-cloud model. Whether it's on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid approach, Tanzu's agile deployment options ensure your Valkey infrastructure adapts to your organization's needs seamlessly.

Enterprise-grade support, end-to-end

Tanzu for Valkey offers robust support tailored to meet the demands of entire enterprises. From implementation to maintenance and beyond, leverage Tanzu's comprehensive support services to ensure the success and scalability of your Valkey deployments across the organization.

Key Features

Secure by default

Platform engineers can choose which TLS versions are offered within their service plans to help developers ensure their applications are using the appropriate TLS encryption when communicating with their databases.

Enterprise-grade, scalable Valkey deployments

Developers can deploy Valkey from their VMware Tanzu Platform marketplace within minutes. Developers and platform engineers can rest assured their organization can use Valkey with Tanzu Platform for applications that need highly available database deployments.

Streamlined metrics and log management

All Valkey services emit logs. Operators can configure syslog forwarding to a remote destination. This enables viewing logs from every VM in the Valkey for Tanzu Platform deployment in one place, effective troubleshooting when logs are lost on the source VM, and setting up alerts for important error logs to monitor the deployment.

Secured database credentials with CredHub

Platform engineers can enable service plans that automatically store sensitive data like credentials in Tanzu Platform’s embedded secret store, CredHub. Developers can rest assured because their database credentials can be automatically encrypted, managed and injected into their applications without having to worry about integrating a third-party secret store.

BOSH-managed virtual machines

Developers and platform engineers will benefit from databases deployed via BOSH, from secure golden base images known as stemcells. Tedious tasks, such as operating system and database updates, can be automated within Tanzu Platform. Automated backups can also be configured to be managed and maintained by BOSH, rather than leaving it up to individual teams to manage their backups.

Easy database consumption with service bindings

Developers writing applications on Tanzu Platform can use the familiar service binding process to inject Valkey information into applications automatically. They can focus on writing code instead of managing database credentials and connection strings.

Use Cases

Key/value store

As Valkey is an in-memory data store with low latency and high resilience, it can help store complex data structures, which help in dealing with details concerning user profiles, credentials, session state, and user-specific personalization.


Valkey can operate at super low response times serving as the perfect option for database common query results caching, persistent session caching, web page caching, and caching of frequently used objects such as images, files and metadata.

Publish and subscribe operations

Valkey' Pub/Sub feature allows you to create a publish/subscribe messaging system, enabling real-time communication, event-driven architectures, and channel patterns.

Geospatial indexing

Valkey supports geospatial data structure and allows querying for geospatial indexing and searching through simple commands, unlocking a whole new array of geospatial use cases.

Real-time leaderboards

Valkey is capable of handling extremely large datasets with the use of intelligent tiered access to memory and also supports sorted sets and hashes—all of which make it a preferred option for building real-time leaderboards.