This course provides administrators with the necessary background to install and maintain the Greenplum database. Students will learn the essential skills required to use the Greenplum database system. The course explores fundamental concepts using the psql CLI, DDL, DML, and DQL, data loading, backup and restore, data modeling, as well as some performance tuning strategies.

Who should attend

  • Administrators responsible for the installation and maintenance of the Greenplum database, including initial system preparation, installation and configuration as well as the ongoing tuning and troubleshooting.


  • Basic UNIX or Linux command-line navigation and administration skills
  • Database query language basics, including but not limited to basic SQL knowledge for accessing database objects
  • Fundamental relational database concepts

What you'll learn

By the end of the training, students will:

  • Describe Greenplum database features, benefits, and architecture in terms of shared nothing, MPP design and how Greenplum database supports redundancy and high availability
  • Install, configure, and administer a Greenplum Database
  • Be proficient with DDL, DML, and DQL to access, manage, and query data
  • Implement appropriate table storage models, compression, and tablespaces, data distributions, and table partitioning strategies to store data in a Greenplum database
  • Understand best practices for data loading
  • Be proficient in data modeling and physical design decisions
  • Improve query performance by following a number of performance enhancement tips by understanding the Pivotal
  • Query Optimizer, database tuning, query profiling, tuning and rewriting, and indexing strategies
  • Implement security and access strategies
  • Perform backup and restore

Course details

Instructor-led class
This class may be taken live online.


Four days

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