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“I can’t live or exist or function without it.”
—Farbood Nivi, Learnist
Proven project management for agile teams

To succeed in an evolving tech landscape, your team needs a process and a tool you can rely on to continuously deliver better software.

With a shared view of team priorities, a process that fosters collaboration, and robust tools to analyze progress, Tracker is the core of the modern team’s workflow.

Better organization, better focus

Keep your team on the rails. Tracker’s shared backlog makes priorities clear so the team can stay organized. Easily visualize scope, collaborate with more focus, and stay nimble.

Powerful process works with you

Get more stuff done. Tracker’s guided process helps you break down your projects into manageable chunks so the team can iterate, collaborate, and keep the momentum toward delivering.

Project transparency at a glance

No more surprises. With a shared, clear view of your team’s work, everyone has a real-time, single source of truth. A quick scan explains where your team is, who’s accountable, and what’s coming next.

It’s working for teams like these:
Automatic planning keeps your project and team in a rhythm

Get predictable and stay that way: Say goodbye to managing your own timelines and meeting unrealistic expectations, and let Tracker do the planning.

Workspaces put your busy life in order

Set up your perfect space: use multiproject workspaces to organize and view your projects side-by-side to juggle various responsibilities—any way you like—on one screen.

Analytics show the forest and the trees

Gauge how well your team is functioning: Tracker’s Analytics illustrate overall project health with a variety of charts and reports that show both the broad trends and the nitty-gritty details.

“Pivotal Tracker is the best project management software we’ve come across. Behind a simple, slick UI hides a powerful, feature-rich tool that is tailor-made for lean, agile teams, demanding that we focus on what is most important in the short term.”
Lachy Wharton
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