VMware Tanzu Standard Edition

VMware Tanzu Standard delivers an open source-aligned Kubernetes distribution with consistent operations and management to support your infrastructure and app modernization across clouds.

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Tanzu Standard gives enterprises what they need to build a consistent Kubernetes infrastructure across multiple clouds, with governance and efficiency in place. It offers a full Kubernetes runtime distribution which can be deployed across on-premises, on public clouds and at the edge, and at the same time gives platform operators a global control plane, with which they can manage Tanzu clusters, as well as any other conformant Kubernetes clusters, consistently, securely, and efficiently at scale.

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Tanzu Standard Capabilities

Multi-cloud Kubernetes runtime

Deploy an enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime to power the delivery of modern apps across on-premises, public clouds, and edge. Includes logging, registry, networking, storage, OS, and Cluster API-driven lifecycle management.

Container networking

Implement pod-level networking, ingress, and load balancing services for your container networking and security needs.

Container registry

Consistently and securely manage artifacts on Kubernetes with enterprise-grade container registry Harbor, featuring advanced security and management features.

Centralized policy and lifecycle management

Use a global SaaS control plane for consistent policy and lifecycle management across multiple clusters residing in multiple clouds.

Data protection

Back up and restore clusters and namespaces leveraging open source Velero.

Platform monitoring

Access Prometheus and Grafana for platform monitoring and get global visibility into all the clusters through the global control plane.

Conformance and diagnostics

Inspect for cluster conformance leveraging Sonobuoy, an open source Kubernetes diagnostic tool for cluster configuration testing and validation.

Application modernization

Leverage Application Transformer to aid in discovering, analyzing, and transforming legacy applications in VMs to containers.

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