Push high-quality code into production faster

Productive developers are happy developers, and VMware Tanzu Application Service provides them with the necessary tools and framework to go fast and deliver customer value.

Use the best platform for your Spring Boot apps

Accelerate cloud native Java app development with Spring’s microservice patterns and Spring Boot’s executable jars. Build microservices with REST, WebSocket, Reactive, messaging, data, integration, and batch capabilities, then run them on Tanzu Application Service as is.

Simplify microservices operations and security

Adopt a microservices architecture and boost velocity with Spring Cloud Services. Encourage rapid iteration and small changes to discrete components of a system. Deploy microservices via continuous delivery and give developers a frictionless path to production. Push small changes frequently and see big benefits over time.

Deliver cloud native .NET apps

Apply proven microservices patterns to your .NET apps with Steeltoe and Tanzu Application Service. Run new .NET Core apps and legacy .NET Framework apps on a modern platform. Enjoy full support for Windows Server containers.

Tanzu at Rabobank
“The promise that we make to our developers is that life gets a lot simpler. You just push it and the platform does the rest. It’s really that simple.”

Vincent Oostindië, Business Architect, Rabobank

Tanzu at Rabobank

Ship code early and often with Tanzu Application Service

Continuous integration

Automate your test and delivery pipelines. Test and deploy to multiple clouds. Maintain compatibility between multiple build versions.

Continuous delivery

Treat every commit as a delivery. Subject every code commit to the full battery of tests pre- and post-packaging. With the CI/CD tools in Tanzu Application Service, it’s all automated.

Structured deployment process

Eliminate custom deployment scripts with a uniform, consistent path to production. Perform one single command and get your app or container online moments later.

Container ready

Tanzu Application Service supports Docker and OCI’s runC container runtime. Run platform-built containers with Buildpacks, or build your own container image and push that to prod.

Scale your apps effortlessly to meet customer demand

Automated horizontal scaling

Add more capacity to your applications when traffic spikes—then scale down as traffic returns to normal. Set thresholds and triggers.

Four layers of high availability

Keep your apps online no matter what. Four layers of high availability go all the way up the stack—from availability zone, to VM, underlying processes, and the app instance itself.

Built to handle enterprise scale

Tanzu Application Service is proven at scale, and runs the most important applications for the world’s largest organizations. Scales to support hundreds of IT teams and thousands of applications.

Integrated logging and metrics

Monitoring reimagined for microservices. See the full picture of system behavior with intuitive, time-based displays of events, logs, and metrics. Connect the dots with distributed tracing.

Zero downtime

Make updates to your apps during business hours with confidence. The rolling update capability in Tanzu Application Service lets you deploy new features without downtime.

Secure and visible platform

Improve security across your entire app portfolio. Tanzu Application Service is highly automated, dramatically lowering risks posed by manual processes.

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Extend your apps with Solutions Hub

Solutions Hub offers an ecosystem of add-on services to enhance, secure, and manage applications. Browse dozens of industry-leading application and data services. Easily add them to your code with service brokers. You’ll find solutions from VMware, our partners, and the open-source community. The end result: a curated selection of capabilities from data persistence, caching, messaging, continuous integration, and security.

Solutions Hub

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