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Tanzu Basic Edition

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Tanzu Standard Edition

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Tanzu Advanced Edition

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Tanzu Community Edition*

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Developer Frameworks

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Data Services

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Curated App Catalog

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Container Build

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Container Registry

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Service Mesh

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Policy Management

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Container Networking

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Load Balancing

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Kubernetes Runtime

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Identity and Access Management

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Cluster Lifecycle Management

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SaaS multi-cluster management

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Operating System

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Data Protection

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Multi-Cloud Support

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vSphere Support**

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* Tanzu Community Edition will evolve to include more capabilities oriented toward application developers and DevOps teams

** vSphere 7 provides the following capabilities for all editions: Pod Service (requires NSX), Storage
Service, Network Service and Registry Service (requires NSX)
Checkmark+ iconIncludes expanded capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the VMware Tanzu editions?

The editions package capabilities of the Tanzu portfolio into clearly defined solutions targeted at the most common enterprise challenges. Each edition is a superset of the one below it along a spectrum, giving you a clear path to add capabilities over time as needed.

What are the major differences between these three Tanzu editions?

Tanzu Basic and Tanzu Standard are focused on infrastructure transformation initiatives, simplifying the adoption of Kubernetes. Tanzu Basic enables straightforward implementation of Kubernetes in vSphere so that VI admins can leverage familiar tools used for managing VMs when managing clusters. Tanzu Standard provides multi-cloud support, enabling Kubernetes deployment across on-premises, public cloud, and edge environments. In addition, Tanzu Standard includes a centralized multicluster SaaS control plane for a more consistent and efficient operation of clusters across environments.

Tanzu Advanced builds on Tanzu Standard to simplify and secure the container lifecycle, enabling teams to accelerate the delivery of modern apps at scale across clouds. It adds a comprehensive global control plane with observability and service mesh; consolidated Kubernetes ingress services; and developer enablement in terms of frameworks, data services, container catalog, and automated container builds.

Which edition should I choose?

Here’s a quick guide:

  • If you’re a vSphere user and want to run prepackaged containers, Tanzu Basic can get you up and running fast using familiar tools. It offers the best Kubernetes experience on-premises, with Kubernetes embedded in the vSphere control plane and integrated into operations via the familiar vCenter UI.
  • If you want to operate a consistent Kubernetes distribution across on-premises and public cloud environments and enable centralized control across your entire Kubernetes estate, Tanzu Standard is the right choice.
  • If you want to run custom, containerized applications on Kubernetes at scale, Tanzu Advanced is your solution. It addresses the operational requirements for security, visibility, and manageability across clouds, while enabling development teams with self-service access to resources and automated functions, such as container builds.

Do Tanzu editions include open source components?

Tanzu editions make the best possible use of various open source projects, starting with putting open source-aligned Kubernetes at their core. The open source projects included in Tanzu editions are packaged for enterprise adoption, with the installers, UI, and support you need to use them with complete confidence. Some of the open source components include: Harbor for container registry; Velero for backup and recovery; Sonobuoy for conformance; Cluster API for lifecycle management; Open Policy Agent for policy enforcement; and Antrea for container networking.

Do Tanzu editions support multi-cloud implementations?

VMware Tanzu upholds VMware’s longtime promise of enabling customers to run any app on any cloud. Extend your Kubernetes footprint beyond vSphere to any public cloud or edge environment—or start there in the first place—with Tanzu Standard and Tanzu Advanced. These editions offer a ubiquitous Kubernetes distribution plus a global control plane with a policy engine that applies to every cluster (or group of clusters), no matter where they’re located. Tanzu Advanced also includes additional global control features ideal for multi-cloud, such as observability, service mesh, and consolidated ingress services.

Do Tanzu editions support DevSecOps practices?

DevSecOps extends DevOps to focus on security of the container lifecycle. It promises to enhance your security posture while streamlining a faster path to production. Tanzu Advanced is ideal for companies seeking to implement DevSecOps practices. It helps teams implement the right level of operational and security controls that can free developers to focus on writing and delivering modern applications. For example, enterprises keen to embrace containers will find Tanzu Advanced enables operators to curate and secure a set of container images so that developers can grab and go, using those validated images to speed up their development efforts. Source code provenance and dependencies are all tracked and auditable.

What’s the pricing for each Tanzu edition?

The Tanzu editions are high-value, cost-effective packages. Please contact VMware Sales to understand the pricing structure and how much you can save versus competitive solutions.

Are VMware Tanzu Labs services included in Tanzu editions?

VMware Tanzu Labs services are not bundled with the Tanzu editions pricing, but we recommend that our customers engage with Tanzu Labs to help build and modernize apps, develop Kubernetes-based app platforms based on any Tanzu edition, and enable the adoption of modern practices and culture changes that are necessary for meaningful transformation and sustained success.