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VMware Tanzu offers solutions that support your modernization journey, from simplifying Kubernetes adoption to running modern applications at scale across clouds.


Run Kubernetes in vSphere

VMware Tanzu Basic simplifies operation of Kubernetes on-premises, putting cloud native constructs at the VI Admin’s fingertips as part of vSphere.

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Simplify Kubernetes operations

Ease Kubernetes adoption by making it part of your existing vSphere infrastructure and operating with familiar tools.

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Enable developer self-service

Provide self-service access to resources and environments, while maintaining IT policy and security controls.

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Access the best of open source

Take advantage of the full innovation and energy of the Kubernetes community and greater project visibility.

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Tanzu Capabilities for Kubernetes in vSphere

Kubernetes runtime

Turn on an enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime through vSphere, including logging, registry, networking, storage, OS, and Cluster API-driven lifecycle management.

vSphere-specific capabilities

Access vSphere 7-specific capabilities, such as vSphere Pod service, Storage service and Registry Service (with NSX), plus Network service.

Optimal use of ecosystem projects

Work with the best open source projects to address key requirements for Kubernetes-based container management, including Harbor for image registry and Fluent Bit for monitoring.

Expert VMware support

Use supported software with complete confidence. Tanzu Basic includes open source projects supported by our expert customer services team.

The best edition for Kubernetes in vSphere: VMware Tanzu Basic

vSphere 7 with Tanzu Basic embeds Kubernetes in the vSphere control plane, addressing the needs of both operators and developers focused on off-the-shelf workloads.

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VMware Tanzu Basic simplifies operation of Kubernetes on-premises by putting cloud native constructs at the virtualization admin’s fingertips as part of vSphere 7. It delivers an open source-aligned Kubernetes distribution, packaged for the enterprise and delivered as part of your existing infrastructure to support application modernization.

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Architecture diagram
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tanzu Basic?

Tanzu Basic is the most affordable and accessible Tanzu edition, enabling organizations to run Kubernetes in vSphere. It includes everything an enterprise needs to make the best use of Kubernetes as part of its on-premise vSphere-based infrastructure and allows VI admins to leverage familiar tools used for governing VMs when managing clusters.

How can you deploy Tanzu Basic?

With Tanzu Basic you can embed Kubernetes in vSphere 7 or deploy your own management cluster on vSphere 6.7U3 or vSphere 7.

What are the key capabilities of Tanzu Basic?

  • Open source-aligned Kubernetes. Tanzu Basic is built on upstream Kubernetes, packaged with an installer to simplify enterprise adoption. We include Cluster API, an open source project embraced by hyperscalers and industry leaders, for cluster lifecycle management. In short, Tanzu Basic delivers you integrated, easy access to the energy and innovation of the Kubernetes community.
  • Optimal use of ecosystem projects. Tanzu Basic makes the best use of open source projects to address key requirements for Kubernetes-based container management. This includes Harbor for image registry and Fluent Bit for observability.
  • Expert VMware support. The open source projects included with Tanzu Basic are also part of our support matrix with the backing of an expert customer services team, so you can use them with complete confidence.

What are the key benefits of Tanzu Basic?

The key benefits of Tanzu Standard include:

  • Simplified adoption of cloud native constructs through familiar tools. VI Admins can provision Kubernetes clusters using the same processes they already use to provision virtual machines.
  • Developer-ready infrastructure that uses Kubernetes APIs to make traditional resources (networking, storage, etc.) available as services within clearly defined guardrails set by the operations team.
  • Access to the innovation of the Kubernetes community with a solution that integrates leading open source projects, wraps them in enterprise-grade installers and UI, and is fully supported by VMware experts.

What is the pricing of Tanzu Basic?

Tanzu Basic can be purchased standalone as an add-on to vSphere 6.7+ or Tanzu Basic in a convenient bundle with vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus. For detailed pricing, please contact VMware sales representatives.

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