The easy way to provide enterprise-ready SQL to your developers

VMware SQL provides a relational database-as-a-service for developers that is fully compatible with MySQL and Postgres.

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Provide self-service access to developers

Developers can spawn dedicated on-demand instances of SQL for new and replatformed applications without operator intervention. The service works the same in any cloud.

Point and click provisioning and management for vSphere

VMware Data Services Manager simplifies creation and management of VMware SQL databases running in vSphere. Use an intuitive graphical interface or a comprehensive set of APIs.

Support entire cloud native developer organizations

Take advantage of significant automation for operator and developer lifecycles. Install, manage, monitor, and update SQL. Ensure deployments meet enterprise requirements.

Why VMware SQL?

VMware SQL provides your choice of open-source database engines based on MySQL and Postgres. With VMware SQL, application developers can manage data services in the same way as the rest of the application stack with an easy UI and self-service APIs. Platform teams gain built-in automation that reduces effort to run and patch the clusters. Data teams can be confident that data is managed in approved, policy-compliant database instances.

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Proven at scale for mission-critical apps

The world’s largest organizations trust their most important database apps to MySQL and Postgres. Why? Because these systems deliver time and time again.

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Highly available and scalable

VMware SQL eases the operational overhead of running databases at scale with built-in backups, monitoring, and several layers of high availability.

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Alternative to proprietary database engines

VMware SQL is a leading alternative for organizations that want to get away from the cost and complexity often associated with third-party databases.

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Embedded security features reduce risk

VMware SQL is configured with sane and secure defaults so that the service meets user expectations for a general-use relational database.

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Runs on any cloud

Install and self-manage VMware SQL wherever you like. Enjoy a consistent developer experience and disaster recovery strategy across cloud and large Tanzu Application Service deployments.

VMware Data Services Manager

With VMware Data Services Manager (formerly Data Management for VMware Tanzu), enterprises can give their end users point and click convenience for database creation while maintaining conformance to policies and standards.

VMware Data Services Manager simplifies database operations in the vSphere data center. With an intuitive graphical interface and a comprehensive collection of APIs, it’s a customer-managed DBaaS solution that brings ease of operations, automation, and scalability for MySQL and Postgres in vSphere. Gain the speed and agility necessary to deliver an excellent developer and end user experience. Automate the database provisioning and management lifecycle, including database creation, backups, replication, upgrades, and patching.

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VMware SQL with Kubernetes

VMware is an expert with Postgres and with Kubernetes so it's natural that we’ve developed a Kubernetes operator that makes Postgres consistently easy to deploy. VMware SQL with Postgres is now available for Kubernetes. It provides a DevOps-friendly experience for Postgres, both on-premises and in the public, private, or hybrid cloud. Get it from Tanzu Network or VMware Marketplace.

VMware SQL with Kubernetes provides essential database management functionality across fleets of Postgres deployments, including:

Self-service deployment

VMware Postgres is designed to be configured and deployed with a single command for self-service ease.

Automated management

The life cycle of each PostgreSQL database instance is fully managed by a centralized Postgres operator. Routine management operations such as deployment, failover, and scaling are built into the operator and carried out cluster-wide across the entire fleet.

Elastic scale

Running Postgres instances can be easily scaled horizontally or vertically with simple commands.

Consistent operation

The deployment and management experience is the same across any Kubernetes platform. That means commands stay the same regardless of the underlying infrastructure, be it on-prem or cloud.

Related consulting and education offerings

Migration assessment

  • Assess migration complexity for each database
  • Provide a detailed report to scope and execute planning and deployment

DBAs and developer workshops

  • Delivered in 1–2 days with hands-on exercises
  • Provides a broad review of topics critical to those planning adoption of Postgres

Planning and execution

  • Identify common patterns to enable automated code migration
  • Iterate to deliver results quickly prioritized by business requirements

Intro to Postgres administration

  • Delivered in 5 days with hands-on exercises
  • Enables DBAs to install, administer, maintain, backup, recover, and tune Postgres
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