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Spring icon Spring Health Assessment

Unlock insights into your Spring app’s health

Our Spring Health Assessment Report helps you understand the health of your Spring dependencies. The generated report will show:

  • Whether you have critical security vulnerabilities
  • How much effort is required to upgrade all of them to the latest version
  • For how long your Spring libraries are covered by open source support

You can then effectively remediate issues with our recommendations, improve your software compliance, and mitigate risk. Try the free Spring Application Health Assessment Report today, and engage with our sales team to learn how VMware Tanzu Spring or the Spring Consulting team can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is captured?

What is the turnaround time to receive the assessment?

How can I see an equivalent report for my entire portfolio?

What should I do if the generated report is empty?

I have a mono repo with several applications. Should I run this at root level or per application?

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