Move developer workspaces to the cloud and centralize their creation and management

Compatible with TKGI

Compatible with TAS
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

Compatible with TKG
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKG

Compatible with TKGI
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKGI

Centralize the configuration, maintenance, and orchestration of development environments across private and public clouds with Coder for VMware Tanzu. Coder provides development teams with a full-featured development experience and the ability to use their tools of choice without compromising power or security.

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Centrally Managed Consistent Environments

Easily manage the creation of consistent, compliant development environments as well as the infrastructure they run on with Coder deployed on TKGI.

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Leverage the Power of the Cloud

With Coder and TKGI, developers are never limited by the power of their local machines. Need more compute power to run tests and builds? Spin up a new container.

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Accelerate Development with Faster Onboarding

Get teams up and running quickly so they can focus on their code. With Coder and TKGI you can have fully configured dev environments stood up in minutes.

Coder Overview

Coder provides open-source tools and an enterprise platform that make it easier than ever to configure, secure, and manage software development environments. Our solutions move software development to the cloud, enabling engineers to work from anywhere and focus on writing code, and allowing enterprises to drive rapid and secure innovation in any organization, no matter how complex or regulated.

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How It Works

  1. Create TKGI cluster(s)
  2. Add the Coder helm repo
  3. Install the helm chart into cluster(s)
  4. Update helm chart with DNS certificate
  5. Retrieve the randomly generated admin password
  6. Login to Coder’s web UI and configure Coder as desired

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