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MongoDB for Tanzu

On-Demand Enterprise Server

Compatible with TAS, TKGI

Compatible with TAS
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

Compatible with TKG
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKG

Compatible with TKGI
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKGI

Modern applications require modern databases. That’s why VMware and MongoDB have partnered to bring the power of the leading next generation database technology to VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and Tanzu Application Service. Our joint solution allows you to instantly provision production ready MongoDB Enterprise Advanced or MongoDB Atlas with the flexibility, scalability and management controls needed to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Embrace Rapid, Iterative Development

Our self-service, flexible data model, and dynamic schema allow you to respond to changing business needs by embracing rapid development and DevOps practices.

Ensure Real Time Performance

Our solution is purpose built to elastically scale out, delivering high service levels while providing the tools to run real time analytics without the need for additional technologies.

Drive Security and Control

Our centralized authentication and auditing, fine grained monitoring, hot upgrades and point in time backups help you continuously secure and govern your data layer.

MongoDB Overview

MongoDB is the leading modern, general purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build. Headquartered in New York, MongoDB has more than 18,400 customers in over 100 countries. The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded over 110 million times and there have been more than one million MongoDB University registrations.

More about MongoDB

“One of our key goals with building the new platform is agility and speed to be able to deliver more value to our customers faster. And that’s something that this combination of Azure, Tanzu, and Mongo DB has enabled us to do. We have a continuous integration [and] continuous deployment methodology where we can release new capabilities to customers potentially multiple times per day.”

Thomas Fredell, Chief Product Officer, Merrill

How It Works

MongoDB Atlas Open Service Broker for your Public Cloud solution
Today your application might live on-premises. Tomorrow, you may need to leverage the scale of the public cloud and the flexibility of services like MongoDB Atlas. Atlas is a fully-managed cloud database developed by the same people that build MongoDB. Atlas handles all the complexity of deploying, managing, and healing your deployments on the cloud service provider of your choice (AWS, Azure, and GCP). The MongoDB Atlas Open Service Broker can be utilized by your apps on VMware Tanzu Application Service. The Atlas broker allows you to use today’s best CI/CD tools to manage complex cloud-based database deployments with full enterprise security. Learn more

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced with the MongoDB Kubernetes Operator for your On-Premises Solution
MongoDB is integrated as a service broker on VMware Tanzu, allowing dynamic on-demand provisioning of MongoDB service instances across hybrid clouds in standalone, replica set, or sharded cluster configurations. The MongoDB Kubernetes Operator is an application-specific controller that extends the TKGI API to create, configure, and manage your MongoDB instances. On self-managed infrastructure – whether on-premises or in the cloud – VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid users can use the MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes and MongoDB Ops Manager to automate and manage MongoDB clusters. Using the MongoDB Kubernetes operator, you have full control over your MongoDB deployment from a single Kubernetes control plane, with a consistent experience across different deployment environments. Developers can instantly spin up MongoDB instances and bind their cloud native application to the MongoDB instance with just a few clicks or a single command. Learn more

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