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Lucidworks Fusion flexibly deploys Kubernetes for advanced search—at scale

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Fusion is the insight engine that drives hyper-personal relevancy. Using integrated AI, millions of users can discover insights the moment they have a question—even across billions of documents or records. Fusion customers implement VMware TKG to handle the complex task of managing Kubernetes deployments with ease.

The Power of Advanced Search in Your Own Cloud

Quickly and easily deploy an advanced search solution by connecting to Fusion in your own cloud with TKG.

Retain and Attract Developer Talent

Your organization can improve hiring more effectively by offering developers the opportunity to work on cutting edge tools that they love with Fusion and TKG.

Deploy Dynamic Scale and Reliability

Kubernetes lends itself to data-heavy applications with many online interactions whose volume is growing rapidly. Handle resource management and scale infrastructure capacity easily with this best-in-class partnership.

Lucidworks Overview

Lucidworks Fusion lets customers easily deploy AI-powered data discovery and search applications in a modern, containerized, cloud-native architecture. Data scientists interact with those applications by leveraging existing machine learning models and workflows. Or they can quickly create and deploy new models using popular tools like Python ML, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, and spaCy.

More about Lucidworks

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with VMware Tanzu. The partnership allows our customers to seamlessly deploy in a cloud environment with increased flexibility and the benefit of best-in-class security. Our customers can scale quickly and can access workflows that allow them to spin up advanced search with ease.”

Joe Lichtman, VP Product Management, Lucidworks

How It Works

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) users can use Lucidworks Fusion on Kubernetes to flexibly deploy and automate the management of one or more Fusion search clusters in their Kubernetes environment. With Fusion, users can streamline operations including managing multiple clusters, scaling capacity up or down, automating backups, encrypting data at rest, and much more.

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