Nirmata simplifies Kubernetes Operations and Management

Compatible with PKS, Standalone PKS

Compatible with TAS
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

Compatible with PKS
Can be consumed by apps on PKS

Compatible with Standalone PKS
Runs on PKS with no dependency on TAS

Nirmata provides a turn-key Kubernetes-based application management platform that accelerates the adoption of open-source and cloud native technologies. The intuitive and flexible solution eliminates complexity by automating the delivery and management of containers on PKS.

Deliver Kubernetes as a Service

Quickly deliver and manage clusters for your development teams, with transparent operations visibility across the stack.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Automate container lifecycle management to increase velocity and empower developers to deploy applications on-demand.

Ensure Governance and Compliance

Using Nirmata’s - Kyverno, a Kubernetes Native Policy Management Framework, you can manage environment specific configurations independently of workload configurations and enforce configuration best practices.

Nirmata PKS Integration
Nirmata Overview

Enterprises are embarking on a multi-year journey of digital transformation. Cloud native technologies, such as containers and Kubernetes, are enabling enterprises to embrace a culture of devops and continuous delivery. At Nirmata, our mission is to help enterprises accelerate the adoption of open-source and cloud native technologies with an intuitive, cost-efficient, and flexible solution. Nirmata’s composable Kubernetes-based platform designed for mid to large enterprises and supports any type of application (traditional or microservices) on any cloud. Nirmata empowers Dev & Ops teams to rapidly innovate by creating world-changing applications in a secure and compliant manner.

More about Nirmata

Integration features

Onboard and manage any PKS cluster, deployed on-premise or in the cloud

Automate periodic backups of your cluster and restore from backups when needed

Onboard development teams to your clusters and enable them to define and deploy applications

Ensure that applications deployed to the cluster are compliant and follow recommended best practices

Get visibility into applications as well as user activity

How It Works

  1. Create PKS clusters
  2. Add the cluster in Nirmata
  3. Download controller yaml
  4. Apply controller yaml to PKS cluster
  5. Cluster registers in Nirmata
  6. Setup policies
  7. Onboard users and applications

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