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DataStax Enterprise (DSE) for VMware Tanzu

Always-On Data Platform for Cloud Applications

Compatible with TAS, TKGI

Compatible with TAS
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

Compatible with TKGI
Can be consumed by apps on TKGI

Compatible with Standalone TKGI
Runs on TKGI with no dependency on TAS

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) for VMware Tanzu provides developers the ability to deploy a fully-configured Apache Cassandra™ cluster.

Developer Self-Service Access to Clusters

Increase developers' productivity by providing self-service access to an existing DataStax Enterprise cluster, running externally from Tanzu. DataStax is also developing an option for developers to self-provision a dedicated DataStax Enterprise cluster.

Shift Focus to Critical, High-Value Services

Improve IT's operational efficiency by delegating the provision of DataStax Enterprise clusters to developers so IT resources can focus on more critical, high-value services such as routine platform upgrade and maintenance, or any platform-wide issue resolutions.

Built-in Database Analytics and Search

DataStax Enterprise makes it easy for teams to build and manage an entire integrated stack including Search, Analytics, and Graph. Our always-on data platform helps Microsoft, Sony, ING, and hundreds of others successfully and quickly bring their cloud applications to market.

DataStax and Tanzu Integration [Unmanaged Service Broker]
DataStax Overview

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is the always-on data platform for cloud applications powered by the industry’s best distribution of Apache Cassandra™, a leading NoSQL data store with availability and performance characteristics critical for modern mobile, web and IoT applications. By ensuring that your applications always work, you can focus on what matters most to you. DSE makes it easy to distribute your data across datacenters or cloud regions, making your applications always-on, ready to scale, and able to create instant insight and experiences. Your applications are ready for anything – be it enormous growth, handling mixed workloads, or enduring catastrophic failure. With DSE’s unique, fully distributed, masterless architecture, your application scales reliably and effortlessly.

More about DataStax

“VMware Tanzu has been on the forefront of delivering platforms for cloud native software products. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is powered by the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™. DSE adds a breadth of capabilities for an integrated, comprehensive data platform such as developer tooling, search, operational analytics, advanced security for high-performing cloud applications. The ability for designers and architects to provision DSE on VMware Tanzu’s certified Cloud Foundry environment delivers on the promise of cloud applications at scale.”

Morris St. Angelo, Worldwide Cloud Business Development, DataStax

How It Works

Unmanaged Service Broker. Connects to an externally managed database, for example, unmanaged Service Broker for your existing DSE. The new unmanaged service broker enables developers to create access, on their own, to an external DSE cluster. Developers can now share the same DSE cluster to achieve economies of scale when a dedicated cluster is not required. Different service plans can be created to correspond different user roles and associated permissions such as read or read-and-write access, etc. on objects inside DSE. This is a crucial feature when more than one developers are sharing a single DSE cluster from resource allocation and security standpoints.

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