Enterprise-class service mesh

Simplify the way you connect, monitor and secure the microservices driving your business—across any runtime and any cloud.

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Connect, protect and observe your cloud native applications

Are you accelerating features to market with microservices, but experiencing disjointed operational models and security silos across the lines of business in your enterprise? VMware Tanzu Service Mesh provides consistent operations and security across the end-to-end application transaction—end users to services to data—on any platform or cloud. What’s more, you can simplify lifecycle management of all service meshes within your enterprise.

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Automate running distributed apps

Enable app owners to automate networking, security and observation functions in distributed apps with complete transparency and no language limitations.

Get full-service visibility and control

Give operators the ability to quickly implement and modify the operational controls across services. No redeployments or code changes necessary.

Secure communications and data

Provide DevSecOps with the granular authorization and encryption features to secure communications and protect data in transit.

Why Tanzu Service Mesh

Solve the common issues in cloud native networking and security in one powerful platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tanzu Service Mesh?

Tanzu Service Mesh (TSM) provides end-to-end connectivity, continuity, resiliency, security, compliance, and observability for modern applications running in single and multi-cloud environments.

What are the key capabilities of Tanzu Service Mesh?

Tanzu Service Mesh leads in service mesh innovation, providing visibility and policy controls across end-to-end communications from application end users to microservices / APIs and sensitive data (e.g., PII and PCI data) – enabling compliance with service level objectives (SLOs) and data protection and privacy regulations.

What are the key benefits of Tanzu Service Mesh?

  • Multi-Cluster, Multi Data Center, Multi-Cloud, and Multi Workload Ready - Tanzu Service Mesh provides service mesh capabilities across Tanzu and 3rd party Kubernetes providers.
  • TSM provides security capabilities to applications including: service discovery and naming (DNS) across clusters, traffic routing, global identity and certificate management, security policies, SLO and resiliency policies, monitoring and observability, and audit history and continuous proof of compliance.
  • TSM provides centralized traffic management, resiliency, and security policies across different clouds, application platforms, and heterogeneous workloads (K8s, VMs, Serverless functions).
  • TSM offers complete observability and control for microservices, APIs, and the underlying K8s environment (clusters and nodes).

What can Tanzu Service Mesh do for enterprise applications?

Tanzu Service Mesh can run distributed apps across Kubernetes clusters on multiple clouds, achieve business continuity, shorten development cycles, and secure and segment end-to-end communications (N-S and E-W) and protect sensitive data for compliance.

What Tanzu products can Tanzu Service Mesh integrate with?

Tanzu Service Mesh can be used, for example, with Tanzu Mission Control, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and Tanzu Observability. TSM is also integrated with NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi Networks), providing zero trust, secure multi-cloud connectivity based on service identities.

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