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We build and deliver modern software applications in a world of ever-changing market, user, and technical demands. Amid that turbulent landscape, the product manager shepherds your enterprise's most valuable resource: the innovative power of your development teams.

When you partner with VMware Tanzu Labs to build software, we collaborate with your team to do it iteratively, based on continuous input. Tanzu Labs' product management practitioners are part of every consulting engagement, helping you deliver customer experiences that make an impact—and business outcomes that meet your bottom line.

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Aligning market needs and business priority

Product managers make sure that what's being built is viable for your users and the business. When new competitive threats or opportunities emerge, Tanzu Labs' product managers work with your teams to evaluate the challenge and adapt quickly.

Reducing risk through frequent validation

Building anything new runs the risk of wasted effort. Working with Tanzu Labs, your Product Managers will find ways to validate the assumptions that underlie product plans, incorporating new learnings to adjust priorities as often as necessary to reduce this risk and avoid waste.

Measuring impact and continuously improving

Driving the outcomes that matter most to your business relies on identifying meaningful metrics and disciplined data collection. Your product managers will learn how to champion for tight feedback loops between product teams, end users, and stakeholders to enable continuous learning and improvement.

“...We’ve been able to take control of our own destiny and actually go after what our customer needs...and making sure that what we’re developing is actually going to have some benefit.”

Erika Green, Director of Technology Product Management, DICK’S Sporting Goods

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