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Pivotal Cloud Foundry® Reports Record-Breaking 2014: Fastest First-Year Sales Growth for an Open Source Product

Pivotal Cloud Foundry emerges as the platform of choice across all industries where agile transformation has become a competitive advantage


Pivotal saw surging demand in 2014 with Fortune 100/500 enterprises choosing Pivotal Cloud Foundry for agile enterprise transformation.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the fastest growing open source product ever by first-year sales.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 29, 2015 – Pivotal®, the creators of Cloud Foundry®, today announced record worldwide growth in 2014 in customer adoption and sales of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Pivotal is fundamentally changing the dynamics of cloud adoption and utility with its industry-leading open cloud platform, bringing the agility and resilience of the architectures pioneered building large-scale web applications to every enterprise.

In less than a year, Pivotal Cloud Foundry has booked ~$40 million in software sales and secured a customer portfolio of top global brands, including two of the top three US insurance companies, two of the top three North American telecommunications companies and seven Fortune 500 industrial companies which have chosen Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Internet of Things (IoT) build outs. This significant uptake in Fortune 100/500 customers across every industry has made Pivotal Cloud Foundry the fastest growing open source product ever.

Enterprises are shifting to agile development to build new applications and software, provide better digital experiences to their customers and find new industrial efficiencies. To make these agile transformations, customers are requiring an open cloud platform that can deliver new customer experiences quickly and at-scale, something often impeded by the complexity of deploying, upgrading, and operating their applications with legacy systems and processes.

GE, Phillips and Other Top Enterprises Turn to Pivotal

GE’s intensified focus on software and analytics has been grounded in its simple, yet pervasive, vision for the Industrial Internet. A connected network of intelligent machines - both GE & others - working the way they are intended - on schedule, reliably, efficiently, safely and securely – creating an outcome economy. Few companies have the capacity to unify machines, software, analytics, and data to take full advantage of this productivity revolution. To facilitate progress and to address the technology challenges, GE’s partnership with Pivotal is bringing together industry-tested knowledge of customers’ needs, the complex language of machines, agile development, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and the Predix® software platform for the Industrial Internet. Together, they form a place for all machines to plug in and share data for maximizing asset performance management.

An industrial giant known for its lighting products, Philips has committed to growing its digital healthcare offerings. Frustrated by its legacy systems’ lack of scalability and flexibility, Philips chose Pivotal Cloud Foundry to power its new HealthSuite Digital Platform. Pivotal Cloud Foundry allowed fast access to data from both the cloud and on premise, increased flexibility for agile development, and provided a cloud-agnostic design, allowing Philips to choose cloud platforms that best suited its needs. By building the HealthSuite Digital Platform on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Philips was able to quickly and efficiently introduce new services and pricing models, inviting new revenue streams and growing its opportunities in new markets.

Leading provider of consumer, financial and property information, analytics and services to business and government, CoreLogic, recognized the need to take a fresh look at its IT strategy and the technology that drove its business. They discovered that they were encumbered by disparate systems, tools and technologies not optimized to work together. In 2014, they greatly expanded their partnership with Pivotal, choosing to standardize on Pivotal Cloud Foundry to have one open cloud platform that helps them move quicker and with greater agility.

Supporting Quotes

James Watters, Vice President Cloud Platform Group, Pivotal

“2014 marked a new era of enterprise cloud innovation, driven by tremendous business demands on IT to deliver next generation consumer services and industrial technologies. Pivotal Cloud Foundry became the world’s fastest growing open source product ever with companies in all major geographies and vertical markets moving to an open cloud platform.”

Harel Kodaesh, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, GE Software

“We have great admiration for the work Pivotal has achieved in the past couple of years to establish its technology as a standard for cloud application development. As we look to open up our Predix® software platform for the Industrial Internet in 2015, Pivotal Cloud Foundry will be a cornerstone of our cloud platform strategy. Predix will be the leading platform for secure industrial connectivity, data collection, industrial insights, and cloud deployment.“


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