Cloud Foundry Foundation Quotes & Blogs

Alpine Data Labs

"The type of mission-critical applications our enterprise customers build using our Advanced Analytics platform, need to rely on a turnkey PaaS solution. Pivotal continues to innovate there and their technology has been a great enabler of our mission: changing the world Big Data, on premise and in the cloud," said Joe Otto, CEO at Alpine Data Labs.


"The momentum behind Cloud Foundry Foundation signals arrival of an application-defined infrastructure where data centers configured on the fly based on an application call.” said Renat Khasanshyn, CEO of Altoros. “As a corporate sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we will contribute code and resources to help the Foundation fulfill its mission. Our commitment will help customers slash the time and cost of application delivery by using Cloud Foundry-based ”software factories” and “data lakes”. Read Blog


"We are glad that Anchora becomes one of the first silver members of Cloud Foundry Foundation. Cloud Foundry Foundation will be the ideal platform for enabling faster growth of the open PaaS ecosystem among the PaaS providers and users. By closely working with other members of Cloud Foundry Foundation and Pivotal, we will help quickly expand Cloud Foundry community and build a healthy ecosystem , in particular in China. As the first open cloud platform solution and service provider, as well as one of the first Cloud Foundry Foundation members in China, Anchora/MoPaaS will continue to support and promote the open PaaS technologies, in particular Cloud Foundry and provide the best agile, flexible and easy-to-use cloud platform solutions and services to the Chinese customers,” said Wei-Min Lu, Anchora CEO


“We are convinced that Cloud Foundry is the next step in the evolution of hosting and will change and accelerate the process of agile software development in enterprises and the web. By joining the Cloud Foundry foundation we are excited to help promoting the market acceptance of Cloud Foundry.” Julian Fischer, chief executive officer, anynines. Read Blog


"We are very honored to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation alongside the biggest brands and brightest minds in technology,” said Bhaskar Sunkara, chief technology officer and senior vice president of product management at AppDynamics. “Defining the technology standards for Open Source Platform-as-a-Service will have wide ranging benefits for enterprises adopting private and public cloud computing. As AppDynamics is built from the ground up for cloud environments and has seen tremendous growth this past year we have a great deal of expertise in the area. Our customer feedback clearly points to cloud infrastructure supported by PaaS as a key IT operating model of the future.” Read Blog

Azul Systems

“Azul Systems is pleased to become a Silver member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. We are committed to working with other Cloud Foundry partners and members of the community to help deliver a best-in-class, Java-based, open PaaS platform which best suits the needs of our enterprise customers.” -- Scott Sellers, Co-Founder and CEO, Azul Systems Inc.

Blue Box

"Cloud Foundry support is a big part of reason why many of our customers choose Blue Box," said Jesse Proudman, founder and CTO of Blue Box. "Having ready access to a full-featured PaaS layer atop reliable, OpenStack-powered managed and hosted private cloud infrastructure gives our customers the ability to move fast, forget about the infrastructure and develop apps that transform their businesses." Read Blog


"Canonical is delighted to be part of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. 'Cloud Foundry on Ubuntu Openstack' will enable our customers with the next generation PaaS platform addressing the needs of developing scale-out applications. Juju our service orchestration tool will provide customers with an agile, flexible and robust Cloud Foundry deployment experience across multiple cloud environments. It has been a pleasure working with Pivotal and the other members of the ecosystem." - Deep Bhattacharjee, Head of Cloud Product Management, Canonical


"As the first people to put Cloud Foundry into production CloudCredo are excited to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation. We look forward to guiding the future of the industry's leading open cloud platform and ensuring our clients extend the competitive advantage they've gained through the adoption of Cloud Foundry." Colin Humphreys - CEO CloudCredo. Read Blog


"As big believer in open source in general and Platform as a Service technologies in particular, we are pleased to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation, said Ben Golub, CEO of Docker. "We look forward to working with the other members both on issues of governance and on finding way to drive interoperability between Cloud Foundry and other Docker environments." Read Blog


"Driven by Open Source and committed to the community, JFrog has always seen itself as a key influencer in promoting platforms for managing, packing and distributing artifacts," said Fred Simon, Co-founder and Chief Architect of JFrog. "Through Artifactory and Bintray, JFrog already serves the SpringSource, Grails and Groovy communities, we are now see ourselves even more committed as we join the Cloud Foundry Foundation." Read Blog


"MongoDB is pleased to join the Cloud Foundry Foundation, giving our substantial community a powerful new PaaS deployment option. As the modern database leader, MongoDB ensures enterprises can run innovative applications in their data centers or in the cloud, with extensive driver support so enterprises can develop these applications using Java, Node.js, or a wide array of other programming languages," said Vijay Vijayasankar, VP of Global Alliances and Business Development at MongoDB. Given how broadly MongoDB gets used in the cloud, it's imperative that we collaborate with other industry leaders to further foster Cloud Foundry's ability to handle our customers' most demanding applications."

Piston Cloud

"For more than 2 years, Piston has worked closely with Cloud Foundry, investing in both the community infrastructure and participating on the advisory board. We believe the Cloud Foundry Foundation is well-positioned to help the open source community provide the highest standards of service to achieve the needs of our customers. We are proud to join the Foundation and look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership with Cloud Foundry," said Joshua McKenty, CTO and Co-founder at Piston. Read Blog

Redis Labs

"Open source technologies can solve large and small problems faced by enterprises. We are proud to be active participant within the Cloud Foundry Foundation and help make the decision to use open source technologies easier by these companies," said Yiftach Shoolman, CTO and Co-Founder Redis Labs. Read Blog

Stark Wayne

“Stark Wayne was formed to ensure world domination of Cloud Foundry in partnership with any other companies that have the same vision. We could not be more proud of Pivotal and IBM for formalizing the Cloud Foundry Foundation to ensure the destiny of Cloud Foundry and the benefits it provides to developers, IT departments and end users. Everyone deserves nice things,” said Dr. Nic Williams, CEO, Stark Wayne. Read Blog


"TELUS is pleased to join this distinguished group of industry leaders to support the growth of agile cloud computing platforms. Cultivating an open and collaborative cloud eco-system is very well aligned with TELUS’ strategy to bring best in class managed IT and cloud solutions to our customers.” - Peter Green, Senior Vice-President and President, TELUS Business Solutions