The main focus of the course is on enabling students to grasp the breadth and depth involved in running a PaaS. The course stresses the importance of platform automation, introduces the idea of platform as a product, and gives hands on experience on what it means to run and maintain a PaaS at scale. All of this is done hands-on. Product management, XP, and agile are explored in a fluent teaching style. We use tools like Concourse, BOSH, and CredHub, and discuss logging and metrics as well as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). This all happens in the context of a specific IaaS*, to be as close to a future customer experience as possible. At the end of the course we expect students to be prepared to work productively with Pivots in a Dojo or to join an ops team that has gone through a Platform Dojo with Pivotal and speak the same language.

Who should attend

Platform Engineers responsible for the creation, configuration and updating of Tanzu Application Service and associated products.


What you'll learn

At the end of the training, students will have been exposed to and worked with:

  • Concourse
  • Platform Automation
  • BOSH
  • Operations manager
  • Platform as a Product
  • Monitoring/Logging
  • Blobstore for offline resources
  • Agile/XP/Product management
  • Apps Manager
  • A sample application

* This course is usually taught on vSphere with NSX-T. Upon customer request, with at least 6 paying customers subscribed, we can also offer it on GCP, Azure or AWS.

Course details

This class may be taken live online.


Four days

Training brief

Upcoming sessions

October 5, 2020 - Live Online

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