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Digitivy Technology Solutions

Digitivy Technology Solutions, Inc. is a Digital Business Consulting and Technology Solution Provider based in Atlanta, GA. Our core focus is Business and IT transformation using digital technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things (IOT) to deliver enjoyable experiences for customers of Retail, Travel and Hospitality organizations. We deliver value to our clients through a strategic mix of business and technology consulting.

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Strategic Relationship

We are an Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud, Chef and Docker Consulting Partner. We work with Fortune 1000 Retail, Travel & Hospitality Clients across the world to help Migrate & Modernize Applications for Cloud. Our strategic partnership with VMware enables us to modernize Custom Applications using Cloud-Native Principles & migrate applications to VMware Tanzu Application Service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Oracle Cloud.

Partner Type:

System Integrator

Markets Served:

North America

Product Focus:

VMware Tanzu Application Service

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