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Speed up your move to Azure with VMware Tanzu

Maybe you’re going all in on Azure. Or perhaps it’s simply part of your cloud strategy. Whatever your approach, partnering with us will optimize the way your company builds and runs custom software. Whether you’re looking for an application platform, strategic services or tools to manage your multi-cloud portfolio, Tanzu helps enterprises quickly embrace Azure and improve overall business outcomes.

Thomas Fredell

“We need to iterate our way to great products, to get solutions into customers’ hands quickly, see what they like, make changes, and keep improving—the fail-fast concept. With Azure and [Tanzu], we can do that.”

Thomas Fredell, Chief Product Officer, Datasite

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Get on a faster path to Azure

Moving to public cloud is easier said than done, particularly for the existing applications that run your business. Are your apps able to take advantage of cloud elasticity? Are you modernizing them in a way that improves feature velocity?

It’s a challenge for the operations side, too. Do you want to invest the time and resources to integrate and maintain dozens of Azure services, each with their own interface and configuration standards? Most enterprises want their best engineers building great software, not stitching components together.

Instead of a long roadmap to Azure that prevents your business from realizing any strategic benefit for years, work with us. We’ll help you achieve better outcomes on Azure in weeks.

Go faster with Tanzu and Azure

Tanzu simplifies operations and improves developer productivity on Azure, including Azure Spring Apps—a jointly built, platform-as-a-service for your Spring applications.

Modernize legacy apps for the cloud

Use the Tanzu Labs approach to modern app development to accelerate your adoption of Azure. Quickly rebuild your Java and .NET apps to cloud native patterns to take advantage of Azure's elastic infrastructure.

Build new cloud native apps faster

Make modern software development a core competency by engaging with Tanzu Labs. Our world-class team of developers, product managers and designers will teach you to build and deploy software differently—and more sustainably—than you have before.


Modernizing .NET Applications

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Run Spring Boot apps atop Kubernetes

Azure Spring Apps

“Azure Spring Apps allows us to concentrate on the business logic of our applications and takes away the complexity of delivering those applications to our customers.”

Claus Lund, Senior Infrastructure Engineering Lead, National Life Group

Build and run Spring apps at scale with Azure Spring Apps Enterprise

Speed up a developer’s path from idea to running apps

Rely on a fully managed app development platform tailored specifically to help enterprise Spring developers deploy and manage their most mission-critical apps on Microsoft Azure.

Grow your Spring portfolio while reducing operational toil

The managed service takes care of service runtime with security patches, compliance standards and high availability, so teams can focus on building apps.

Reap the benefits of Kubernetes without the hassle

Azure Spring Apps is built on Azure Kubernetes Service, but it stays under the hood, allowing teams to tap into the benefits without the learning curve or management needs.

“Security, consistent operations and automation features are the platform features respondents are most likely to need from a hybrid cloud platform.”

Forrester Consulting, Hybrid Cloud Demands Consistency

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Simplify your move to multi-cloud with Tanzu and Azure

Many companies are embracing hybrid cloud strategies to boost flexibility and resiliency. The question is: How do you minimize your risk and operational burden? That’s why companies choose Tanzu. Whether you’re looking to build a cohesive developer platform, manage your Kubernetes footprint, or migrate from on-premises, Tanzu is designed to support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies.

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