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Move to AWS faster with VMware Tanzu

Ready to make a big bet on AWS? Or maybe AWS is part of your cloud strategy? Then partner with us to modernize the way your company builds and runs software. The VMware Tanzu portfolio of solutions and services helps enterprises speed up their move to AWS. Quickly migrate and modernize existing apps. Build new modern apps. And get them running in production on AWS in weeks—all while bolstering security, developer productivity, and operational efficiency.

“When we select a vendor we don’t want a tool, we want a solution… What we wanted solved was the process change, the culture change, and also the ability to replicate and grow at scale. That is what we have gotten...”

Bhavani Yellapragada, Assistant Vice President QA & DevOps, Nasdaq

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Adopt AWS faster with Tanzu Labs

Adopting public cloud the right way is easier said than done, particularly for the existing applications that run your business. Are your apps able to take advantage of cloud elasticity? Are you modernizing them in a way that improves developer productivity?

The challenge isn’t any easier on the operations side. The learning curve can be steep. Do you have the time and resources to integrate and maintain dozens of AWS services, each with their own interface and configuration standards? Most enterprises want their best engineers building great software—not stitching components together. Instead, work with us and we’ll help you realize the strategic business value you want from AWS in weeks—not years.

Simplify your on-ramp to AWS

Tanzu Labs is an AWS Select Consulting Partner and has the expertise to help you migrate and modernize all your workloads and run them anywhere on AWS—whether on VMware Tanzu solutions on AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, or native AWS.

Modernize legacy apps for the cloud

Our unique approach to modern app development accelerates your adoption of AWS infrastructure and services. Quickly migrate or revamp your legacy apps to cloud native patterns to take advantage of AWS’s offerings.

Build new apps faster

Engage with Tanzu Labs and make modern software development a core competency of your company. Our world-class team of agile developers, product managers, and designers will teach you to build and deploy software differently—and more sustainably.

“Samba has long been an agile shop, but...[VMware Tanzu Labs] kind of takes it up a notch or two. It's allowed us to supercharge our agility.”

Allison Guidette, CEO, SambaSafety

Build a great developer experience on Amazon EKS

Unlock developer productivity

Let your dev teams focus on what they do best. VMware Tanzu Application Platform on AWS helps simplify their work, increase agility, and speed up software delivery while enabling teams to leverage the tooling they know and love.

Get your apps to the cloud faster

With a rich set of developer tooling and a prepaved path to production, Tanzu Application Platform enables enterprises to build and deploy software quickly and securely on Amazon EKS while plugging into native AWS services like ECR and RDS.

Enable DevOps for AWS

Don’t reinvent the wheel when building applications on AWS—provide a consistent and streamlined end-to-end DevOps experience with all components stitched together.

Drive efficient and secure operations on AWS

Simplify platform operations across AWS and other clouds

Empower platform operations teams to centrally provision, manage, connect, secure, and observe Kubernetes throughout your AWS and on-premises environments.

Centrally manage your Amazon EKS footprint

Simplify Kubernetes and Amazon EKS management with centralized policy and cluster lifecycle management. Expand control, improve efficiency, and increase security with out-of-the-box policies.

Optimize AWS operations with data-driven insights

Gather and analyze platform and app metrics from across your entire AWS environment to proactively detect anomalies, devise fixes, and tune your infrastructure and apps for best performance.

“We learned, it’s only ‘AWS secure’ [...] It’s secure, but it’s self-service, so it’s only as secure as you make it.”

Daniel Baston Daniel Baston, Talanx

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Simplify your move to hybrid cloud with VMware Tanzu for AWS

Many companies are embracing hybrid cloud strategies to boost flexibility and resiliency. The question is: How do you minimize your risk and operational burden? That’s why companies choose VMware Tanzu. Whether you’re looking to build a cohesive developer platform, manage your Kubernetes footprint, or migrate from on-premises, VMware Tanzu is designed to support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies.