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Easily Add Services to Apps and Containers

Does your app need a database, message queue, or configuration server? Use the Open Service Broker API! Service brokers compliant with the Open Service Broker API specification can intuitively provision a new instance of a service that they provide, and provide all of the information that your app or container needs to connect to it. Then, your app can connect directly to the service instance, regardless of how or where the service is running.

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Multiplatform & Multicloud

The Open Service Broker API is widely adopted by Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. This shared tooling reduces engineering overhead for ISVs and SaaS providers, while growing the ecosystem of services for both communities.

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Simple & Structured

Each service broker built to the Open Service Broker API spec has the same intuitive set of lifecycle commands. Commands to fetch the catalog of services and plans, provision new service instances, connect and disconnect from those service instances, and deprovision service instances are the same for all OSBAPI-compliant brokers.

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Connect Anything

Scores of service brokers are available, and hundreds of enterprises are using them in production. From microservice patterns, to relational databases, to messaging queues, there’s likely a service broker for your use case.

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Flexible Deployment Models

A broker can be implemented as a separate application, or by adding the required http endpoints to an existing service. Just use the service broker API - the rest is up to you. What’s more, one service broker can be consumed from as many platforms as needed!

Extend Apps with Popular Services

Cloud-native apps often depend on components like RabbitMQ, MySQL, or Spring Cloud Config Server. Choose from dozens of popular service brokers, and effortlessly add these services to your app.

Supports the Permissions of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

Service brokers fit in with the role-based access controls that come with these popular tools. Everyone will have the right level of access to the get the job done.

OSBAPI Supports Unique Credentials for Every App

When you bind (and unbind) to a service instance, unique credentials are given out. That means you can revoke access at any time for just one app. There’s no need to redeploy your entire platform! Cloud Foundry users can also enjoy integration with CredHub for some services. This simplifies the access control and rotation of credentials, further reducing your risk.

Simple Configuration

Service brokers offer services and plans, such as small, medium and large, to help developers pick the right size for their scenario. Developers can easily override service-specific configuration through simple CLI and Web UIs. It’s easy to tailor their services for their specific needs.

Open Source

The “Open Service Broker API” is an API specification hosted at the Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF). Several leading vendors are represented on the project management committee.

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