Simplified Kubernetes management

VMware Tanzu Mission Control is a centralized hub for simplified, multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes management.

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Control for operators

Centralized policy management enables operators to properly control Kubernetes across clouds or edge sites.

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Consistency for DevOps

Consistent clusters lead to predictable deployments and increased DevOps velocity.

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Flexibility for developers

Choice and self-service access to clusters with guardrails so developers can focus on building great apps.

Why Tanzu Mission Control

More than a control plane

Tanzu Mission Control can offer benefits wherever you are in your infrastructure modernization journey. Whether you are just getting started or have experienced the pain of Kubernetes management at scale, Tanzu Mission Control is a global management hub that improves control, efficiency, and security.

By utilizing the Tanzu Mission Control resource hierarchy to enforce consistent policies across Kubernetes clusters, platform operators can offer DevOps teams and developers a streamlined user experience while increasing productivity.

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Policies via CLI
Policies via console

Unified policy engine simplifies Kubernetes management

Expand control with templating and policies for consistent experience with multi-cloud Kubernetes.

Improve efficiency with centrally managed policy engine that can enable conformance.

Increase security with out-of-the-box security policies and data-protection features.

More about Tanzu Mission Control features

Manage and deploy your preferred Kubernetes on multi-cloud

Tanzu Mission Control enables you to deliver consistent clusters across clouds through cluster attach and centralized policy management.

Use Cases

Supporting icon Control & security for multi-cloud Kubernetes

Tanzu Mission Control helps you on your application modernization journey through out-of-the-box policies that can increase control and security of Kubernetes clusters.

Supporting icon DevOps at speed

Create a Kubernetes system of record in Tanzu Mission Control to increase consistency. Consistent configuration means reliable path to deployment so that DevOps Teams can iterate quickly.

Supporting icon Fleet management at scale

Centralized policy management and hierarchy concepts in Tanzu Mission Control enables operators to reduce toil and improve efficiency.

Supporting icon Autonomy for developers

Tanzu Mission Control offers flexibility and easy access to configured Kubernetes so developers can focus on building great apps instead of wrestling with infrastructure.

Supporting icon Future proof your infrastructure management

Tanzu Mission Control is highly adaptable and extendable. Extend through integrations to Aria Operations for Applications, Tanzu Service Mesh, and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and 3rd party integrations.

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