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Microservices: Pivotal Perspectives

Microservices is one of those concepts that can overwhelm an IT department and begin to consume everyone’s thinking—from the CIO to developers to DevOps teams. That’s why it’s important to keep perspective and an absolute focus on your organization's goals before undertaking this transformation.



Deploying Microservice Architectures with VMware Tanzu Application Service

A Team Perspective

When we talk about microservices, we should clarify it’s not quantitative micro; it’s qualitative micro. Start with a monolith, do continuous delivery, and innovate. Get all that right. Then move to microservices with an effective automation platform for greater agility.

Breaking the Monolith

A Team Perspective

Teams grappling with legacy portfolio have modernization decisions to make. Many are choosing to break their monoliths into microservices with the ultimate goal of moving application to cloud native. Available tools coupled with best practices processes and techniques can make the transition easier.