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Because VMware works side-by-side with customers, we think it’s important to share best-practices knowledge and lessons learned from real-world, large customer projects and hope you find these case studies informative.

Brad Miller, Head of Global Digital and Cloud Technology at Citi, says, [VMware helped] develop the skills that we needed to start building microservices and thinking about transitioning our existing architecture.
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Thousand of applications and services, built by hundreds of developers, supporting tens of millions of transactions—VMware solutions help Comcast go from idea to feature in days not weeks, driving competitive differentiation.

Next steps

Microservices, like all cloud native technologies, is rapidly evolving. Our team stays current and recommends that you do, too. If you’re looking for more microservices-related information, here are some of the resources we’ve found useful.


When you adopt a microservices architecture, you’ll find the need for new machinery to support it. Register for the new on-demand Pluralsight course, Java Microservices with Spring Cloud: Developing Services by VMware's Richard Seroter to hear why microservices matter and how to build them. Understand the supporting capabilities you need and how Spring Cloud provides a straightforward on-ramp.

This session includes:

  • Diving deep into creating a git-backed Configuration Server
  • Creating short-lived microservices
  • Securing distributed services
  • Tracing calls between services

If you want hands-on experience building modern microservices, this course is for you.

Get started with Microservices
The Journey From Monolith to Microservices: A Guided Adventure

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Migrating an ESB to a Cloud Native Platform

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