Enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime

Streamline operations across multi-cloud infrastructure.

Power your modern applications with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Simplify Kubernetes for developers

Run the same K8s across data center, public cloud and edge for a consistent, secure experience for all development teams. Keep your workloads properly isolated and secure.

Ease Day 1 and Day 2 operations

Get a complete, easy-to-upgrade Kubernetes runtime with preintegrated and validated components. Deploy and scale all clusters without downtime. Apply security fixes fast.

Align with open-source

Run your containerized applications on a certified Kubernetes distribution, bolstered by the global Kubernetes community.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Key Capabilities

Reliably deploy and run containerized workloads across private and public clouds.

Consistent Kubernetes everywhere

Use your existing data center tools and workflows to give developers secure, self-serve access to conformant Kubernetes clusters in your VMware private cloud, and extend the same consistent Kubernetes runtime across your public cloud and edge environments.

Automated multicluster operations

Simplify operations of large-scale, multicluster Kubernetes environments, and keep your workloads properly isolated. Automate lifecycle management to reduce your risk and shift your focus to more strategic work.

Validated integrated services

Streamline the deployment and management of local and in-cluster platform services—like logging, monitoring, networking, and storage services—to more easily configure and maintain a production-ready Kubernetes environment.

Enterprise-wide management

As you scale your Kubernetes footprint, keep your operational burden low through a tight integration with VMware Tanzu Mission Control. Get global visibility across teams, clusters and workloads. Automate multiregion configuration and policy management.

Kubernetes on vSphere

Extend your enterprise-ready Kubernetes operating model across data centers and clouds through a tight integration with vSphere with Tanzu—available as part of vSphere 7 and VMware Cloud Foundation 4 stack.

Expert support

Get 24x7 production support from VMware Global Support Services. Access guidance from the Kubernetes community and the broader cloud native ecosystem.

Where can you run Tanzu Kubernetes Grid?

In your private cloud

With Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service integrated with vSphere, use your existing data center tooling and workflows to give developers on-demand access to conformant Kubernetes clusters in your private cloud. Manage cluster lifecycle through automated, API-driven workflows.

In the public cloud

Use Tanzu Mission Control to enable your development teams to quickly spin up managed Kubernetes clusters in their public cloud accounts, while you maintain access to the control plane for security and customization.

At the edge

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid’s open architecture enables lightweight deployments and streamlined multicluster operations in highly distributed edge environments, like retail remote site locations. Choose to add on Kubernetes consulting from VMware Pivotal Labs to build a cloud native architecture for your specific edge environment.

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