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Build and operate a secure, multi-cloud container infrastructure at scale with VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations.

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Organizations are rapidly adopting multi-cloud strategies and your Kubernetes platform needs to keep up. Empower your developer and DevOps teams to move faster, focus on innovation, and build the next great idea instead of worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

IT operations and platform teams work with VMware Tanzu to do exactly that. We enable you to streamline modern app delivery across development teams by efficiently maintaining, securing, and improving shared, self-service platforms. We also help you provide a great developer experience that increases platform engagement and drives developer velocity and happiness.

VMware Tanzu is a modular, cloud native application platform that empowers platform teams to deliver a multi-cloud developer experience that speeds velocity, all while deploying and running apps more securely and at scale on any and many clouds. Unlike rigidly opinionated platforms that limit flexibility for your business, VMware Tanzu fits existing and future practices and workflows. At the same time, it reduces the complexity of operating in multi-cloud, multi-team environments—so you can innovate on your terms.

[Being] a platform operator...I personally think it’s one of the most important jobs you can have at your company if you’re interested in making and enabling change.”

Anthony McCulley, The Home Depot

VMware Tanzu helps operators in several ways:

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Enable self-service access to the right infrastructure abstractions and app building blocks.

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Automate and monitor Kubernetes platform operations.

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Enforce security, networking, and compliance requirements.

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Optimize resource utilization and reduce operation costs.

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