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Microservices, containers, and Kubernetes help to free apps from infrastructure, enabling them to work independently and run anywhere. With VMware Tanzu, you can make the most of these cloud native patterns, automate the delivery of containerized workloads, and proactively manage apps in production. It’s all about freeing developers to do their thing: build great apps.

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more time spent coding
faster release time

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Simplify your ops

Adding Kubernetes to your infrastructure doesn’t have to add complexity. With VMware Tanzu, you can ready your infrastructure for modern apps with consistent, conformant Kubernetes everywhere. Provide a self-service, compliant experience for developers that clears their path to production. Then centrally manage, govern and observe all clusters and apps across clouds. It’s that simple.

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faster environment provisioning
more efficient operations

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Dev and Ops together

Eighty-seven percent of business and IT decision makers agree that greater alignment among stakeholders involved in software development leads to more successful digital transformation. VMware is in a unique position to help Dev and Ops work better together in a shared effort to deliver great software continuously.

For example, if you want to embrace containers, VMware Tanzu enables operators to curate a secure set of container images that are grab-and-go for developers, speeding development and delivery. And VMware Tanzu Labs can help you modernize apps and infrastructure in weeks, not months—and create a culture shift that lasts.

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