Continuous delivery of modern applications at enterprise scale

Confidently deploy microservices across multi-cloud infrastructure using Spinnaker™

Release code with speed and confidence

Rely on safe, proven deployment practices that minimize risk. Accelerate feedback loops to continually promote code through the pipeline to any cloud.

Turn app monitoring into action

From release to runtime, operate your apps across the enterprise, working hand in hand with monitoring. Know where all your apps are running all the time.

Run a modern software pipeline

Empower your teams with a frictionless path to production. Access solutions from Tanzu and our partners for a compatible end‑to‑end toolchain, including Spinnaker.

Why Spinnaker for Continuous Delivery

As you scale continuous delivery across your organization, you need a solution that can help you confidently deploy and manage distributed microservices and functions. Spinnaker enables development teams to deliver value faster while minimizing risk. Deploy with blue-green or canary strategies to safely get new features into production. Validate and tune your deployments—and continue improving them with the help of monitoring integrations. Get continuous delivery best practices built right in!

Built-in canary and blue-green deployments

De-risk new releases with proven, progressive deployment patterns. Best practice canary analysis gauges the quality of a new version by comparing performance against a fresh deploy of the current version.

Secure, compliant pipelines

Eliminate points of friction by automating the right controls for your teams. Integrate security and compliance processes across all your apps. Built-in auditing simplifies record keeping.

App inventory of your entire application estate

Know which apps are running where across your entire portfolio. Drill down to see which app versions are running on any given cluster. Make Spinnaker your system of record for apps.

Runtime management

Optimize application performance. Resize, clone, disable, and roll back apps with ease. Spinnaker takes action based on alerts from monitoring tools. Continuously improve with security scanning, chaos testing, and more.

Pipeline and app visibility

Use a single, intuitive interface to manage pipelines and deployments. See pipelines in action, track where applications are running, and view the health of environments. Get the right level of detail for your job with role-based access control.

Complements Kubernetes

Orchestrate the business process of releasing software across multiple Kubernetes clusters. Spinnaker deploys using standard, native Kubernetes manifests.

End-to-end DevOps toolchain from Tanzu

Bridge the gap between app deployment and operation with Spinnaker as part of your end-to-end toolchain. Access compatible solutions like Spring Runtime, Concourse, Build Service, Container Service (with Harbor Registry), and other Tanzu components.

Continuous delivery expertise codified

Benefit from the experience of those developing and delivering microservices at scale. Spinnaker OSS bundles continuous delivery best practices from companies like Netflix, Google, Armory, and Tanzu.

Spinnaker is a trademark of The Linux Foundation.