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Quickly troubleshoot cloud native applications

Compatible with TAS

TAS와 호환
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

TKG와 호환
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKG

TKGI와 호환
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKGI

App Metrics stores and graphically represents logs, metrics, and event data from applications running on VMware Tanzu to help engineers better understand application health and performance. With App Metrics, engineers diagnose system failures and related issues in minutes, not hours!

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Quickly diagnose system failure and latency

Metrics, logs, and event data are aggregated and displayed via intuitive, interactive visualizations.

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Accurately identify issues with complete data

App Metrics stores logs, metrics, and event data from applications running on Tanzu Application Service to help app developers better understand application health/performance and diagnose and resolve issues efficiently.

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Make every engineer a better troubleshooter

To accelerate incident resolution times, SREs need context. Engineers no longer need intimate knowledge of the holistic system to find issues.

Troubleshooting App Health and Performance with App Metrics
App Metrics 개요

App Metrics helps operators and developers better understand the health and performance of all apps running on the platform. The module helps teams answer these questions:

  • What went wrong and when? Application metrics provide the answer. Metrics reveals the time window when high network latency occurs and average response times.
  • Why did it go wrong? Logs and metrics—such as API calls, exact response times, and parameters passed—together usually provide enough information to figure out why latency occurred.

More about App Metrics

작동 방식

App Metrics displays the following:

  • Container Metrics: A visual graph of CPU, memory, and disk usage percentages
  • Network Metrics: A visual graph of requests, HTTP errors, and response times
  • Application Events: A visual graph of update, start, stop, crash, and SSH
  • Logs: A list of application logs that can be searched, filtered, and downloaded for further interrogation

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