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CloudBees CI for VMware Tanzu

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Compatible with TKGI

TAS와 호환
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

TKG와 호환
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKG

TKGI와 호환
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKGI

CloudBees CI, based on Jenkins®, extends Jenkins with functionality that embeds best practices, rapid onboarding, security and compliance. Deep integration with solutions like VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKGI) allow the shared services and DevOps teams to follow standard protocols to deploy and manage CloudBees Core on VMware Tanzu like any other business-critical application.

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Unconstrained Flexibility

Regardless of what type of application you are delivering—Java, mainframe, .NET—CloudBees CI is a CI/CD solution for all your application environments.

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Work with Modern & Legacy Apps

Run modern apps on a cloud native architecture for scalability and elasticity. Legacy apps can also benefit by utilizing the power of Kubernetes via TKGI for CI/CD workloads.

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Mitigate Risk with Security & Compliance

CloudBees Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) plus additional security features enable permissions to be defined by user, team, agents, folders and jobs.

CloudBees CI 개요

While Jenkins® is the leading automation platform for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), enterprises need to scale CD to a multitude of teams without increasing the administrative burden. In addition, they need to ensure security and compliance without inhibiting productivity. Finally, enterprises have diverse software portfolios that may consist of modern applications utilizing a microservices architecture with containers, as well as applications built on outdated technology that can all benefit from one CI/CD solution.

CloudBees CI is a CI/CD automation engine with the flexibility to support diverse software portfolios and the unified governance required by growing organizations. Based on Jenkins, CloudBees CI extends Jenkins with functionality that embeds best practices, rapid onboarding, security and compliance. It provides a shared, centrally-managed CI/CD service but delivers a self-service experience for engineering teams.

More about CloudBees CI

"This new offering creates a unique value for our existing and potential future customers while expanding our options. Deep integrations with cloud service providers like VMware Tanzu allow DevOps teams to manage CloudBees Core like any other business-critical application."

Jason Mero, VP of business development at CloudBees

작동 방식

CloudBees CI for VMware Tanzu is deployed to TKGI using standard Kubernetes manifests. Upon installation, CloudBees CI Cloud Operations Center runs in a Kubernetes Pod and its user interface will be available from a web browser. Administrators can then integrate Operations Center with an Identity Provider, such as LDAP, for authentication, and enable CloudBees Role-based Access Control (RBAC) for authorization. Operations Center is then used to provision Managed Controller Pods, which support the CI/CD workloads of each team using CloudBees CI. Each Managed Controller may provision Kubernetes Pods on demand in order to run CI/CD Pipelines, like building, testing, and deploying an app.

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