Connectivity and security for modern applications

Tanzu Service Mesh provides advanced, end-to-end connectivity, security, and insights for modern applications—across application end-users, microservices, APIs, and data—enabling compliance with Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and data protection and privacy regulations.

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Multi-cloud and multi-runtime connectivity for distributed applications

Choose any technology or cloud provider best suited for your applications to meet performance, reliability, and security objectives—while accelerating application modernization and multi-cloud initiatives.

Zero Trust application security, with automated DevSecOps workflows

Protect the rapidly growing number of microservices, APIs, and data across your multi-cloud environment to ensure regulatory compliance, and Shift Left with application security policies and testing to increase velocity.

Visibility and analytics across app end-users, microservices, APIs, and data

Measure what matters most to the business: the performance and security of your application communications. Get transaction-level insights across application end users, microservices, APIs, and data.

Why Tanzu Service Mesh?


Global Namespace: The Application Domain

Global Namespaces provide the virtual application domain that abstracts the application layer from the infrastructure layer, and provides strong isolation. By onboarding applications to a Global Namespace, developers, operations, and security gain consistent policy controls and operational visibility across single and multi-cloud environments. Applications benefit from the powerful capabilities of Global Namespaces—including microservice and API discovery; global identity and certificate management; advanced traffic routing, resiliency, and security policies; and deep visibility and analytics for all application-level communications.

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