All Vulnerability Reports

USN-3681-1: ImageMagick vulnerabilities





CVEs contained in this USN include: CVE-2017-1000445, CVE-2017-1000476, CVE-2017-10995, CVE-2017-11352, CVE-2017-11533, CVE-2017-11535, CVE-2017-11537, CVE-2017-11639, CVE-2017-11640, CVE-2017-12140, CVE-2017-12418, CVE-2017-12429, CVE-2017-12430, CVE-2017-12431, CVE-2017-12432, CVE-2017-12433, CVE-2017-12435, CVE-2017-12563, CVE-2017-12587, CVE-2017-12640, CVE-2017-12643, CVE-2017-12644, CVE-2017-12670, CVE-2017-12674, CVE-2017-12691, CVE-2017-12692, CVE-2017-12693, CVE-2017-12875, CVE-2017-12877, CVE-2017-12983, CVE-2017-13058, CVE-2017-13059, CVE-2017-13060, CVE-2017-13061, CVE-2017-13062, CVE-2017-13131, CVE-2017-13134, CVE-2017-13139, CVE-2017-13142, CVE-2017-13143, CVE-2017-13144, CVE-2017-13145, CVE-2017-13758, CVE-2017-13768, CVE-2017-13769, CVE-2017-14060, CVE-2017-14172, CVE-2017-14173, CVE-2017-14174, CVE-2017-14175, CVE-2017-14224, CVE-2017-14249, CVE-2017-14325, CVE-2017-14326, CVE-2017-14341, CVE-2017-14342, CVE-2017-14343, CVE-2017-14400, CVE-2017-14505, CVE-2017-14531, CVE-2017-14532, CVE-2017-14533, CVE-2017-14607, CVE-2017-14624, CVE-2017-14625, CVE-2017-14626, CVE-2017-14682, CVE-2017-14684, CVE-2017-14739, CVE-2017-14741, CVE-2017-14989, CVE-2017-15015, CVE-2017-15016, CVE-2017-15017, CVE-2017-15032, CVE-2017-15033, CVE-2017-15217, CVE-2017-15218, CVE-2017-15277, CVE-2017-15281, CVE-2017-16546, CVE-2017-17499, CVE-2017-17504, CVE-2017-17680, CVE-2017-17681, CVE-2017-17682, CVE-2017-17879, CVE-2017-17881, CVE-2017-17882, CVE-2017-17884, CVE-2017-17885, CVE-2017-17886, CVE-2017-17887, CVE-2017-17914, CVE-2017-17934, CVE-2017-18008, CVE-2017-18022, CVE-2017-18027, CVE-2017-18028, CVE-2017-18029, CVE-2017-18209, CVE-2017-18211, CVE-2017-18251, CVE-2017-18252, CVE-2017-18254, CVE-2017-18271, CVE-2017-18273, CVE-2018-10177, CVE-2018-10804, CVE-2018-10805, CVE-2018-11251, CVE-2018-11625, CVE-2018-11655, CVE-2018-11656, CVE-2018-5246, CVE-2018-5247, CVE-2018-5248, CVE-2018-5357, CVE-2018-5358, CVE-2018-6405, CVE-2018-7443, CVE-2018-8804, CVE-2018-8960, CVE-2018-9133

Total CVEs: 124

Affected VMware Products and Versions

Severity is medium unless otherwise noted.

  • Vulnerable Cloud Foundry components individually listed here.
  • Pivotal products using CF components prior to the listed updated versions are vulnerable to this issue. See the Mitigation section below for more information.


Users of affected versions should apply the following mitigation:

  • The Cloud Foundry team recommends upgrading BOSH stemcells and/or other OSS components listed here if applicable.
  • Upgrade Pivotal products that use earlier versions of CF components to new Pivotal releases using new versions linked above. On the Pivotal Network product page for each release, check the Depends On section and/or Release Notes for this information.
  • Releases that have fixed this issue include:
    • PCF Isolation Segment: 2.1.6, 2.0.12, 1.12.22
    • Pivotal Application Service: 2.1.7, 2.0.16, 1.12.25
    • See Pivotal Network for information on all other tiles.