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CVE-2020-5422: UAA password may appear in Operations Manager process arguments




VMware Tanzu


Operations Manager, all versions prior to 2.7.22, 2.8.x versions prior to 2.8.12, 2.9.x versions prior to 2.9.9, and 2.10.x versions prior to 2.10.1, contained a version of BOSH System Metrics Server that exposed the UAA password as a flag to a process running on the BOSH director. It exposed the password to any user or process with access to the same VM (through ps or looking at process details).

Affected VMware Products and Versions

Severity is high unless otherwise noted.

  • Operations Manager
    • All versions prior to 2.7.22
    • 2.8 versions prior to 2.8.12
    • 2.9 versions prior to 2.9.9
    • 2.10 versions prior to 2.10.1


Users of affected versions should apply the following mitigation or upgrade. Releases that have fixed this issue include:

  • Operations Manager
    • 2.7.22
    • 2.8.12
    • 2.9.9
    • 2.10.1



2020-10-01: Initial vulnerability report published.