Platform Acceleration Lab

Be empowered to build better software

The Platform Acceleration Lab (PAL) is an immersive, best practices set of courses that enables developers and architects to develop new applications, move applications (replatforming), and modernize existing applications on Tanzu. The PAL is designed to enable through "doing it" rather than "talking about it."

Teams who use Tanzu and have accelerated their adoption of modern software skills realize a faster time-to-market with +50% increase in developer productivity

Developer and enterprise content subscription

Expand your expertise in building, migrating, and modernizing apps to run on Tanzu with PAL content subscription. This flexible model gives you the ability to consume the same content and tools used in the PAL program without having to book a formal class with Pivotal.

Intended for organizations with more than 200 engineers, the content subscription is a site-wide license for an unlimited number of individuals to access current and future PAL course materials. Individuals are able to move through the course materials at their own pace supported by your practitioners or mentors who have completed an instructor-led PAL course.

“The course’s progression was well thought out and the labs continually challenged the participants. So many of the technical workshops simply skim over major concepts, our PAL instructors did not.”

Brad Starkenberg, Principal Solutions Architect, Luxoft/INSYS Group

Helping Partners Transform:
The Platform Acceleration Lab

Pivotal strongly believes in empowering our customers to build better software. The PAL is a dedicated facility in Boulder, CO where partner software engineers and architects are immersed in a three-week application replatforming course.

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