Bring us an idea or business challenge and we’ll help you develop a plan to solve it during a free, one-hour, virtual consultation. Connect with a VMware Tanzu Labs designer, engineer, and product manager and learn how to get the most out of the apps that move your business forward.

Learn better ways to build new applications, modernize existing apps and portfolios, and implement DevSecOps practices, so your teams can ship high-quality code to production faster and more frequently.

Each session is tailored to your unique business or technical challenge. Whether you’re designing, developing, or modernizing a digital product or service for your enterprise, we’ll talk through what's keeping you up at night—from innovation bottlenecks to app modernization hurdles.

We’ll make sure you walk out the door with actionable items that will make a difference. No cost. No strings. Totally confidential.

  • How do we approach our modernization strategy?
  • Which architecture and patterns are the best fit for my app portfolio?
  • How do we design, build, and scale a production-ready app platform?
  • How can we validate/create new digital experiences, APIs, and services?
  • How do we begin breaking down a monolithic application?
  • How can we build great software with remote and hybrid teams?

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“Ringing, ringing endorsement for product office hours!! In 60 minutes, we basically re-designed the landing page that sees the brunt of our traffic. Do it. Seriously.”

Ally Downey, Founder of weeSpring