Ultra-high speed, in-memory data and compute grid

Scale your data services on demand to support high-performance, real-time apps.


High-performance application cache, a database, and much more

VMware GemFire is a distributed, in-memory, key-value store that performs read and write operations at blazingly fast speeds. It offers highly available parallel message queues, continuous availability, and an event-driven architecture you can scale dynamically, with no downtime. As your data size requirements increase to support high-performance, real-time apps, VMware GemFire can scale linearly with ease.

High-performance caching for modern, cloud native applications

Traditional databases are often too brittle or unreliable for use with microservices. That’s why every modern distributed architecture needs a cache! With VMware GemFire, applications get low-latency responses to data access requests, and always return fresh data.

Consistent scaling across data centers

Maintain transaction integrity across distributed nodes. Support high-concurrency, low-latency data operations in your application. Node failover and Multi Geo (Cross Data Center or Multi Data Center) replication ensure your applications are resilient, whether on-premises or in the cloud.


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Elastic scale-out

Easily scale out to meet the most demanding peaks in usage. Scale back down again gracefully when the peaks are behind you. VMware GemFire supports scale-out patterns with data partitioning. Partitions are dynamically rebalanced when servers are added or removed. The elasticity of VMware GemFire helps reduce your steady-state runtime costs.

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Real-time event notifications

Your applications can subscribe to real-time events to react to changes immediately. VMware GemFire’s continuous queries notify your application when new data is available, which reduces the overhead on your SQL database.

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Predictable low latency

Even during huge peaks in concurrent access, your users can count on predictable low latency because of the in-memory, horizontally scalable architecture of VMware GemFire.

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Cloud ready

Available across platforms: VMware GemFire is available on the VMware Tanzu platform, major hyperscalers, and Red Hat OpenShift.

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Superior performance

VMware GemFire was designed for responding to large volumes of concurrent requests while maintaining low latency and high throughput.

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First-class integration with Spring

Spring Data for VMware GemFire simplifies how developers can work with VMware GemFire. Let Spring handle the details so you can get on with building great apps!

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Security that’s built in, not bolted on

VMware GemFire enables authentication and authorization using oAuth 2 standard. And VMware GemFire supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), so all dataflows between VMware GemFire and the platform are encrypted.

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Multisite replication

Use VMware GemFire’s Multi Geo (Cross Data Center or Multi Data Center) replication capability for active-active configuration. For disaster recovery, deploy VMware GemFire across sites in an active-passive setup.

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Multiple language support

Need to add a cache to your .NET or Node.js apps? It’s easy with the VMware GemFire client. Enjoy frictionless access to the full capabilities of VMware GemFire.

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High availability and business continuity

Deploy with confidence with the resilience provided by VMware GemFire’s in-memory data replication and a shared-nothing persistence architecture. No more downtime from node failures, datacenter-wide outages, or software upgrades. VMware GemFire nodes automatically fail over in the event of a node-level outage, while its highly efficient WAN replication protocol enables multi-datacenter deployment for business continuity.

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사용 사례

Website home and landing pages

These pages make dozens of calls to several databases to get the necessary data, much of which is static and can be precomputed overnight and stored in the cache. Often, that data is repeatedly used throughout the day in other parts of the site (e.g., calculating a co-pay for a procedure requires multiple hits to multiple database tables), but much of the data involved is slowly changing—and therefore a great candidate for caching.

Shopping cart, preferences, recently viewed items

The customer needs an accessible shopping cart no matter which app server they come in on. You can expect very high concurrency on the table storing shopping carts, potentially thousands of simultaneous users but not on EACH shopping cart. The traditional, nonscalable database may be unable to keep up. VMware GemFire is horizontally scalable, and can be easily scaled out to handle even millions of concurrent accesses per second.

Real-time transaction processing at scale

Some backing stores can’t keep up with high-volume transaction processing, especially when there are many simultaneous requests. Online shopping. Connected devices. Securities trading. These types of transactional applications demand extremely high-performance data management to process thousands of parallel transactions. An in-memory data grid that supports high data consistency is a must to provide real-time responses.

Legacy data modernization

Many of the heritage data sources are typically deployed adjacent to modern runtimes like the Tanzu platform. VMware GemFire can be used as an inline cache or cache aside on the platform to make the data available to a whole new generation of microservices.

Application data cache

As your business continues to grow and work load increases, traditional databases can’t keep up with the concurrent volume. By using VMware GemFire, you can easily scale and keep your applications online to meet those burgeoning demands. VMware GemFire is also developer-friendly—it enjoys extensive support within the Spring Framework!

Multi-cloud data cache

VMware GemFire’s Multi Geo (Cross Data Center or Multi Data Center) replication provides the data layer underpinnings to make your multi-cloud strategy work. Common business drivers include: disaster recovery, reduced latency, and data sovereignty laws and regulations.

Event processing

Credit card fraud. Risk calculation. Industrial fleet tracking. VMware GemFire’s powerful in-memory data grid can manage terabytes of data in-memory and push notifications to track and respond to mission-critical processes in real time. This fast, continuous querying lets systems to quickly and easily access large amounts of incoming data—and take action.

Data-aware compute grid

Need to perform massive number crunching on large data sets? VMware GemFire can do map-reduce-style processing where data is sharded and computation-intensive workloads are sent each shard.

Streaming data capture

VMware GemFire is perfect for IoT scenarios where you’re ingesting data from sensors and monitors.

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