Upcoming Events

  • 09/27

Join us for Devopsdays Boston.

  • 09/27

Please join Nate Schutta and guest Neil Buesing! Neil has worked in the information technology industry for over 20...

  • 09/28

Join us for Accelerating Innovation with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.

  • 09/29

Join us for Close the Lab-to-Production Gap for Kubernetes with Cloud-Native App Delivery.

  • 09/29

Join us for Devoxx France.

  • 10/04

Bringing together the people who make DevOps work

  • 10/05 - 10/07

Get the latest from VMware leaders, industry visionaries, top customers and special guests.

  • 10/05

Join us for DevOps + Kubernetes Ask-Me-Anything with Joe Beda, Co-Creator of Kubernetes.

  • 10/05

Join us for DevOps Enterprise Summit.

  • 10/12

Join us for Observability for Modern Application and Kubernetes Environments.

  • 10/12

Join us for KubeCon North America.

  • 10/27

Join us for Building Data Analytics Platforms with Observability using Deployment Blueprints.

  • 11/01

Join us for Devoxx UK.

  • 11/02

Join us for Reactive Summit.

  • 11/04

Join us for Modern SRE Practices: SLO-based Alerting with Tanzu Observability.

  • 11/09

Join us for Application Platform Economics: Let's Look at ROI.