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DevOps: 신속하고 신뢰 가능하게 앱을 전달하는 협업적 사고 방식

DevOps와 VMware

VMware는 기업이 강력한 DevOps 진행을 이해하고 구축하도록 돕습니다. 우리는 VMware의 클라우드 네이티브 애플리케이션 플랫폼에 통합된 자동화 경험을 구축할 것을 제안합니다.

Pivotal Labs
Break down organizational silos and evolve your process. Engage our Pivotal Labs team to understand and learn in a hands-on manner how to build and deliver high-quality software quickly in a DevOps context.

VMware Tanzu
Empower balanced teams that own the entire application lifecycle, while platform ops delivers an app-centric, resilient, automation-powered foundation. Depend on VMware Tanzu to give operators the tools they need to reliably build, secure, and manage a cloud-scale platform. And use Tanzu to offer developers the data services, application scaling, and troubleshooting capabilities needed to quickly deliver differentiated software.

Pivotal Web Services
A modern runtime for Spring Boot, .NET, and Node apps, powered by Cloud Foundry.

Everything changes when you continuously integrate code. Introduce automation into your build pipeline with Concourse, the continuous delivery solution from VMware. With Concourse, you can automatically deploy fully tested code to every environment, consistently. Operators also use Concourse to continuously update VMware Tanzu, ensuring it’s always patched and secure.

App Metrics
Shared facts means faster issue resolution. Incorporate VMware Tanzu Metrics into your DevOps workflow so that developers and operators have a single source of truth. When production issues arise, the assembled team has access to application logs that are correlated with system metrics. Quickly identify application problems and rely on an automated delivery pipeline to get patched software into production.