Pivotal is now part of VMware, so some of these products and services are now part of VMware Tanzu. 자세한 정보

Southwest Airlines

세계 최대 항공사 웹 사이트의 IT 및 개발 환경 혁신

"Our goal is to have the cloud seamless and transparent, so our customers, employees, and IT team don’t have to care about the technology underlying delivery of the service."

Bob Young

Vice President and CTO, Southwest Airlines

사례 연구
Southwest Airlines
당면 과제
  • Growth required new approach to IT
  • Company website had to scale to meet growth
  • Development processes could not handle today’s applications
  • VMware Tanzu GemFire
주요 이점
  • Reduced server provisioning time
  • Improved performance and reliability for business-critical applications
  • Enabled new social media channels