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Indian Railways

분산형 인메모리 데이터 관리 솔루션으로 새로운 온라인 발권 시스템의 처리 성능 및 가용성 개선

"Because the online system for reserved tickets was so slow, during peak times, people used to have to go to stations, wait in long lines and book tickets at railway counters. But now, more bookings are being done on the Internet than in person and there are hardly any lines at the counters."

Suneeti Goel, Chief Project Engineer, Centre for Railway Information Systems
사례 연구
Indian Railways
당면 과제
  • Insufficient capacity in old system to meet demand of over 20 million daily passengers
  • System crashes and slow system performance during peak demand that exceeded 40,000 concurrent users
  • Frustrating and cumbersome experience for customers trying to purchase tickets forced many to buy in person rather than electronically
  • VMware Tanzu GemFire
주요 이점
  • Support more than 200,000 concurrent purchases without impacting system performance
  • Provides the stable performance to book approximately 150,000 tickets per hour, compared to 60,000 in the old system
  • Transformed customer experience – reservation transactions complete in seconds, instead of 15 minutes
  • Shifted online purchasing from 50% of tickets sold to 65%, boosting revenue generated from e-ticket sales to INR600 million daily