Continuous integration for application developers

Concourse for VMware Tanzu is a CI/CD system remastered for teams that practice agile development and deliver frequently to one or many cloud platforms.

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Go from commit to feedback in minutes

Design pipelines that work for you

Concourse for VMware Tanzu enables you to design any kind of workflow with its modular components. You can kick off pipelines from changes pushed to source control like Git, or from tools like Pivotal Tracker. Build and automate testing for any language or platform. Concourse can return status and bugs, open a new ticket—and start again. Pipelines are declared in human-readable YAML, which you can version and track in source control. You also can visualize your pipelines with a web UI for instant feedback on code progression, take action on issues, and keep teams aligned.

Apply continuous testing practices

Continuous integration ensures that your code is ready to release at any time. This is only possible with solid testing practices, such as test-driven development (TDD). Concourse automates testing stages and delivers fast feedback. It runs your test suites in clean, ephemeral environments for dependable, reproducible results. Plus, there’s minimal test infrastructure maintenance. Concourse also manages automated testing on different IaaS platforms, and offers testing compatibility with multiple platform versions.

Build in guardrails to stay on track

Your CI/CD pipeline can operate as an opinionated path to production that includes guardrails to keep everyone on track. This can include:

Checkmark icon security scans
Checkmark icon compliance or regulatory checks
Checkmark icon automated change tickets
Checkmark icon pushes to repositories for deployment operations
Checkmark icon data sharing with monitoring solutions

With Concourse, you can flexibly integrate any kind of external system into your pipeline with resources. For example, your ISO process artifacts can become resources that are executed within pipeline jobs.

“Concourse is very, very ephemeral in how it does everything. And these pipelines are very, very declarative in nature.”
Greg Meyer, Cerner

Greg Meyer, Cerner