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30%increase in subscribers

5xfaster to production

70%developer time spent coding

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VMware Tanzu Labs has refined our product development process through decades of practice. We can help you validate your concepts and quickly build software that creates incredible customer experiences.

Rapidly develop valuable software and iterate continuously

Reduce risk and eliminate waste

Rebuild organizational culture around delivering outcomes at speed

Master the key components for building modern software

Your customers demand a seamless experience, and we can help you provide it. Shorten your product development lifecycle and deliver software that solves real problems—and learn how to do it consistently, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Extreme programming

React to change with consistent speed and quality. Extreme programming (XP) helps your teams build working software in the face of changing requirements.

Pivotal의 해결 방식

Work in collaborative, cross-functional teams.

Practice pair programming and test-driven development.

Deliver in short iterations with continuous integration/deployment.


User-centered design

Focus your product design on what your customers need. User-centered design takes an evidence-based approach to ensure the software you build solves real problems.

Pivotal의 해결 방식

Conduct user research.

Produce prototypes and user interfaces.

Integrate accessibility.

Practice service design and experience strategy.

Tanzu Labs의 디자인
Product Management

Lean product management

Decrease risk and reduce waste. Lean uses constant validated learning to reduce the risk of building the wrong product while still being able to comfortably change direction.

Pivotal의 해결 방식

Define a minimum viable product (MVP).

Conduct lean experiments.

Identify and test assumptions.

Make data-driven decisions.

Practical Advice for Product Roadmaps

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Build better with balanced teams

We bring more to the table than sticky notes. The multidisciplinary experts on Tanzu Labs’ Balanced Teams bring diverse skills and perspectives to your product development. Our cross-functional product teams succeed because each team member has unique expertise and perspectives that everyone can learn from. This shared knowledge helps us make quick, informed decisions and reduce waste by eliminating handoffs.

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“[VMware Tanzu Labs'] immersion-style training left the team I visited visibly fired up about developing in new ways. They had both the skills and the energy to make fundamental changes to their work style. [Tanzu Labs] has taken the Extreme Programming of 20 years ago, gathered hundreds of thousands of hours of experience on live projects, and reimagined it for today’s developer. I would recommend their training for anyone seeking rapid improvement.”

Kent Beck, author of Extreme Programming

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