Open source VMware Tanzu

Get VMware Tanzu up and running for free in minutes

VMware Tanzu Community Edition is a full-featured, easy-to-manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users. It's a freely available, community supported, open source distribution of VMware Tanzu that can be installed and configured in minutes on your local workstation or your favorite cloud.

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Take on new challenges confidently

Count on the same open source software used in VMware Tanzu commercial editions to take you wherever you need to go.


Explore independently

Enjoy freely available VMware Tanzu software, top-notch education resources, and community support.


Get up and running in minutes

Install and configure quickly on your local workstation or favorite cloud.

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What will you do with
Tanzu Community Edition?



Looking to build or sharpen your cloud native skills? Getting ready for that certification exam? Just plain curious? Gain practical knowledge and skills in a hands-on environment you can run on your local workstation.


Do your due diligence. Put Tanzu Community Edition to the test with the biggest, gnarliest challenges you have. Run a proof of concept, compare with alternatives, and complete the independent, objective research you need to support your strategic platform decision making.


Tanzu Community Edition is free and open source. It’s also full-featured, easy to manage, and supported by this community—and it’s yours to use, no strings attached. Whether you’re an application developer, IT operator, or DevOps engineer, look no further.

A complete and customizable Kubernetes platform

Tanzu Community Edition includes the same open source software used in VMware Tanzu commercial offerings.

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