Distributed SQL database for mission-critical applications

Compatible with TKGI, TKG

TAS と互換性あり
Can be consumed by apps on TAS

TKG と互換性あり
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKG

TKGI と互換性あり
Can run on or be consumed by apps on TKGI

YugabyteDB enables organizations to build resilient systems of record that scale horizontally without compromising performance or integrity. YugabyteDB combines relational database capabilities with the scalability and resilience of cloud-native architectures. VMware and Yugabyte have partnered to bring the power of YugabyteDB to VMware Tanzu. Deploy your microservices applications and database clusters across any cloud without lock-in.

PostgreSQL Compatibility

Minimize disruption and retooling as you go from a traditional RDBMS to a cloud-native database that offers 100% PostgreSQL compatibility.

Geographic Distribution

Distribute data across zones, regions, and clouds in the world for resilience, faster response times, and compliance with data residency requirements.

Operational Simplicity

Efficiently deploy and manage a private DBaaS on VMware with automated day 2 operations delivering resilience and high availability.

What is YugabyteDB?

Yugabyte is the company behind YugabyteDB, the open source, high-performance distributed SQL database for building global, internet-scale applications. YugabyteDB powers the systems of record for mission-critical applications in enterprises across cybersecurity, financial services, retail, e-commerce, and other verticals.


“A key driver of value in cloud-native architectures is the ability to quickly build and deploy scalable, resilient, geo-distributed applications in any cloud. VMware and Yugabyte enable enterprises to realize this promise and drive business outcomes and customer experiences cost-effectively.”

Karthik Ranganathan, CTO and Co-founder, Yugabyte


The Yugabyte Platform offering of YugabyteDB delivers a hassle-free operational experience for mission-critical deployments, such as production or pre-production testing. The Yugabyte Platform console is used in a highly available mode and orchestrates and manages YugabyteDB universes, or clusters, in one or more regions (across public cloud and private on-premises data centers). Yugabyte Platform is a containerized application for mission-critical environments (for example, production, performance, or failure mode testing).

To deploy a Yugabyte cluster in VMware Tanzu environments in various configurations, follow these steps:

  • Install Yugabyte Platform software in Kubernetes using a Helm chart. View instructions
  • In the Yugabyte Platform UI, select the VMware Tanzu provider and configure it. View instructions
  • Once the provider has been configured, you can start provisioning Yugabyte Universes in various configurations (including single zone, multi-zone and multi-cluster/multi-cloud) with a few simple clicks. Provision Yugabyte Universes in VMware Tanzu.

Yugabyte Platform automates day 2 operations and offers the support and services needed to successfully deliver database-as-a-service for cloud-native applications cost-effectively. With Yugabyte Platform, operations teams can scale up and down database clusters non-disruptively, automate rolling upgrades and security operations, automate backups, and consolidate monitoring and management.


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