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新しいPivotal One™プラットフォームで、新しいデータファブリック、最先端のプログラミングフレームワーク、およびクラウドポータビリティを統合し、エンタープライズPaaSの新しい標準を確立

New Pivotal One™ Platform Integrates New Data Fabrics, Modern Programming Frameworks and Cloud Portability to Set a New Standard for Enterprise PaaS


  • Pivotal launches at a highly anticipated press event and webcast today in San Francisco.
  • Pivotal announces plans for Pivotal One, a next-generation Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that integrates new data fabrics, modern programming frameworks, cloud portability and support for legacy systems.
  • Today’s announcement builds on this morning’s news that GE plans to make a strategic investment of approximately $105 million in Pivotal. GE’s Software Center will use several of Pivotal’s technologies as a standard to develop new applications that support its vision of the Industrial Internet.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 24, 2013 – Pivotal, the company setting the new standard for Enterprise PaaS, today formally announced that it begins operations as a stand-alone entity and unveiled its plans for Pivotal One, a next-generation Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that will, for the first time, bring consumer-grade capabilities to the enterprise. Pivotal One will be the first platform to integrate new data fabrics, modern programming frameworks, cloud portability and support for legacy systems.

Changing market forces of cloud, big data, mobile and social have driven a need in the enterprise to create a new class of applications that deliver better user experiences. Pivotal will provide the platform to address this need and is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the estimated $8 billion addressable market that is expected to grow to $20 billion in five years.

Pivotal One: A New Platform for a New Era

Pivotal One will maximize developer productivity, speed time-to-insight and action through data services, enable true cloud independence and allow enterprises to tap legacy systems to create new business models that ultimately drive greater business value. Components of the Pivotal One Platform will include:

  • Pivotal™ Data Fabric

    Pivotal HD™ provides deeply integrated, advanced data services with enterprise-hardened Apache Hadoop, the most cost-effective and flexible open source data platform. With enterprise data services like HAWQ™ and Pivotal in-memory data grid technology, Pivotal HD provides proven technologies for analytical queries and transactional environments.
  • Pivotal Cloud and Application Platform™

    Based on Cloud Foundry™, the open source PaaS and Spring, the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java. Pivotal offers portability, scaling, automation and resiliency. Pivotal Application Fabric provides a rich developer ecosystem that enables rapid application development and support for messaging, database services and robust analytic and visualization instrumentation.
  • Pivotal Expert Services

    Pivotal Expert Services delivers the business value of agile development and sophisticated data analytics to enterprise companies on a project-by-project basis.

    • Pivotal Labs: Offers industry-leading agile development methodology to rapidly build and deploy modern mobile, web and enterprise applications
    • Pivotal Data Science team partners with businesses to accelerate analytics projects and exploit new value hidden in data

  • Open Source Support

    • Collaborative and customer-driven open source support and co-development
    • Pivotal Open Source Software: Pivotal supports some of the most vibrant open source software communities in the world, including Spring, Cloud Foundry, RabbitMQ™, Redis, OpenChorus™ and more.

Pivotal is a new and independent company, with EMC, VMware and GE as its investors. Led by CEO Paul Maritz, Pivotal has 1,250 employees and includes an outstanding technical team of 700+ engineers recognized as leaders in the fields of agile and rapid application development, data science, cloud computing, open source software, distributed computing systems, large scale parallel processing and real time data systems.

Executive Quote

Paul Maritz, CEO, Pivotal

“It is clear that there is a widespread need emerging for new solutions that allow customers to drive new business value by cost-effectively reasoning over large datasets, ingesting information that is rapidly arriving from multiple sources, writing applications that allow real-time reactions and doing all of this in a cloud-independent or portable manner. The need for these solutions can be found across a wide range of industries and it is our belief that these solutions will drive the need for new platforms. Pivotal aims to be a leading provider of such a platform. We are honored to work with GE, as they seek to drive new business value in the age of the Industrial Internet.”



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