Pivotal Telemetry

Note: as of May 1 2020, the Pivotal Telemetry program is governed by VMware’s Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Data and continuous feedback loops play an important role in shaping the way Pivotal builds software. Our teams continuously strive to learn and measure results in order to put the customer experience at the forefront of our product decisions. Pivotal Telemetry provides us with information that helps improve our products and services, fix problems, advise our customers on how best to deploy and use our products, monitor customer health and ensure compliance with our subscription licenses, and provide better customer support.

Pivotal may update this information from time-to-time to reflect any changes in our products and services or in how we operate Pivotal Telemetry. We encourage you to periodically review this page to stay informed about Pivotal Telemetry.

How Does Pivotal Telemetry Work?

Pivotal collects “Product Usage Data,” meaning technical information about your organization’s use of products and services. By joining Pivotal Telemetry, you acknowledge and accept that we may collect and process Product Usage Data. Depending on the nature of the product or service, the Product Usage Data collected consists of any or all of the following types of data:

  • Configuration Data - technical data about how your organization has configured your products and services portfolio, along with any related environment information. Examples of configuration data include version information for products, product environment information, product configuration settings, and other technical data relating to the devices accessing those products and services.
  • Feature Usage Data - data about how your organization uses products and services. Examples of feature usage data include details about which product features your organization uses and metrics of user interface activity.
  • Performance Data - data about the performance of products and services across your portfolio. Examples include performance and scale metrics for products and services, such as response times for user interfaces and details about API calls, as well as (optionally) application, service and task data from the usage service.

Pivotal does not collect any personal data or information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person as part of Pivotal Telemetry.

Methods of Data Collection

We aim to ensure all Pivotal Telemetry participants have a clear understanding of the data being collected. Pivotal Telemetry has two methods of data collection:

In Product : This data collection method operates on a “per-product” basis. Collection can be enabled by the customer during installation or upgrade of the product, and the customer can opt out at any time. This form of data collection is specific to the individual product and the scope of data collected is limited to the Product Usage Data for that product alone. If at any time you prefer not to participate in Pivotal Telemetry for any particular product enabled with the “In Product” method of data collection, please follow the instructions within that product’s documentation for opting in or out of the collection of Product Usage Data. To learn more about the data collection for a specific product, please follow the link(s) below:

Product Name Participating Version(s) Documentation
Pivotal Container Service (PKS) All versions beginning with 1.1 Link
Pivotal Platform Dev All versions beginning with 0.0.12 Link

Collector : This is a voluntary method of data collection for the Pivotal Platform suite of products and services, and requires the Pivotal Telemetry Collector software to be installed by Pivotal Telemetry participants before the Product Usage Data can be sent to Pivotal. The Collector collects Product Usage Data across the customer’s product portfolio for a specific foundation, which may include configuration information about Pivotal’s and its partners’ products. By default, the Collector gathers data via the Ops Manager API, and can be optionally configured to also collect from the “Usage Service,” a service used to obtain system-wide usage information as described in more detail here. Enabling or disabling data collection with the Collector does not influence settings for in-product collection. To learn more about the specific data points gathered by the Collector, please see the documentation.

Note: as of version 0.7 of the Collector, participants can optionally send additional Product Usage Data to Pivotal. Please review the documentation page for more details.

Collector versions beginning with 1.1.4 are governed by VMware’s Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about Pivotal Telemetry, please contact the Pivotal Telemetry team at pivotal-telemetry-support@pivotal.io.

Last updated on June 15, 2020