Take a modern, highly automated approach to security

VMware Tanzu Application Service encrypts data, automates compliance, and eliminates the need for manual patching. Reduce your risk with cloud native security practices.

Patch quickly with zero downtime

Update during business hours fearlessly. Embedded Linux and Windows OS let you apply patches without downtime. Repair vulnerable software as soon as updates are available with an automated and secure deployment toolchain.

Secure your secrets with CredHub

Reduce the risk posed by leaked credentials. CredHub lets you encrypt app credentials at rest without making any changes to app code. It’s a central point of control for credential generation, storage, lifecycle management, logging, and access control.

Repave during business hours to elimnate threats

Keep your environment fresh and eliminate advanced, persistent threats. Use Tanzu Application Service to regularly “repave” from a known good state with zero downtime. Protect against malware that can wreak havoc in static environments.

Kroger Talks Security
“We used to have developers spending roughly four weeks to get all of the security elements they needed done... Today, they can get everything they need in a few seconds.”

Michael Ehrman, Information Security Manager, Kroger

Kroger Talks Security

Protect your systems with proven defense-in-depth capabilities

Run containers that are secure by default

Tanzu Application Service gives you a secure container runtime. AppArmor, seccomp, and unprivileged container access are enabled out of the box.

Deny-by-default networking with VMware

Integrate with NSX to simplify network microsegmentation for your enterprise apps. Gain more security and control over your app-to-app traffic.

Improve security for your enterprise apps with TLS

SSL/TLS certificates secure HTTP traffic into your deployment. To secure non-HTTP traffic, terminate TLS at your load balancer or at the application with TCP Routing.

Control identity and access management with SSO

Manage access to critical systems. SSO for Tanzu Application Service uses the OAuth2 protocol and integrates with popular enterprise identity management systems via LDAP.

Isolate your apps to boost compliance

Isolation segments enable compute isolation and network isolation. Adhere to industry requirements by isolating apps and their data from other workloads.

Tanzu Application Service by the numbers
hours spent security patching
DICK'S Sporting Goods
increase in patching frequency
Yahoo! Japan
reduction in lead time to patch OS
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