This course teaches developers and architects how to build and architect software and covers the following topics; Pivotal Platform, greenfield development, end state reference architectures.

Who should attend

  • Developers and Lead Developers


  • Experience building and deploying modern software (e.g., TDD, CI/CD, and refactoring)
  • Familiarity with design patterns, domain-driven design, component-based architecture, and evolutionary architecture
  • Experience developing apps using: ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC. Windows services and console apps .NET Core.

What you'll learn

By the end of the training, students will:

  • Understand what Pivotal Platform is, and how it runs apps
  • Learn about key app-centric Pivotal Platform constructs: app, manifest, buildpack, service instance, binding, domain, route, environment variables
  • Experience common impediments to running an app on Pivotal Platform, and overcome them
  • Learn how to identify, codify, and make use of reusable patterns for building applications. Understand distributed system development/ architectures.
  • Learn how to evolve monolithic apps. (i.e. understand when and how to break out microservices from the monolith

Course details

Instructor-led class
This class may be taken live online.


Four days

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